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Journal of Croatian Studies - Volume XXIV - 1983
By Joza Vrljičak | Published  04/4/2009 | Culture And Arts | Unrated
Table of Contents

Ivan Mestrovic - Drawing by Josip Turkalj, 1967

 Ivan Mestovic - self-portrait
 Marija Mestrovic 


Volume XXIV 1983

Annual Review of the Croatian Academy of America, Inc. New York, N.Y.


o        Ivan Meštrović - Michelangelo

o        Ivan Meštrović - On Religious Art

o        Ivan Meštrović - Razgovor Starca Milovana S Narodom Uoči Proslave Njegove Godišnjice - Conversation of old Man Milovan with the People—On the eve of his Anniversary - Translated by Antun Nizeteo and Marvin Tatum

o        Michael Mulnix - Meštrović in Vienna

o        Laurence Schmeckebier - Meštrović as a Sculptor in America

o        Dean A. Porter - New Observations on Ivan Meštrović

o        Ante Kadić - A Literary Profile of Ivan Meštrović

o        Joseph E. O'Connor - "Vatra i Pepeo" - The Unpublished Memoirs of Ivan Meštrović

o        Bogdan Raditsa - Meštrović's Significance in the Formation of Yugoslavia in 1918

o        Christopher Spalatin - My Memories of Ivan Meštrović

o        Matthew Meštrović - Meštrović's American Experience

o        May Lewis - Meštrović

o        Karlo Mirth - Meštrović In America: 'Living from the Clod of Croatian Soil Attached to his Roots' - From My Memories of Meštrović

o        Meštrović Collections In Baton Rouge, Louisiana - Compiled by Kathleen Orillion

o        Documents - Ivan Šubašić on his Negotiations with Tito and Stalin during October and November 1944

o        Chronicle - Report on the Juraj Križanić Symposium Held in Zagreb at the Yugoslav Academy of Arts and Sciences 14 September, 1983

o        The Croatian Academy of America - The Twenty-Ninth Annual General Assembly

o        Notes on the Contributors


Well of life by Ivan Mestrovic, 1905, Zagreb


 Mile Gojsalic, Poljica near Omis

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  • Comment #1 (Posted by Nenad N. Bach)

    JOURNAL OF CROATIAN STUDIES. An incredible study on Meštrović. MICHELANGELO Ivan Meštrović, worth reading for sure. I recommend each Journal as an example of true portrait of who we are. Amazing work. Congratulations to those who wrote it, published it and now post it.
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