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Museum of Frogs in Lokve, Croatia
By Prof.Dr. Darko Zubrinic
Published on 04/8/2009
In the village of Lokve in the region of Gorski Kotar in Croatia there is a unique museum devoted to frogs, called Muzej žaba - Museum of Frogs. Regular competitions are organized in frog jumping, which are very popular, among children as well as among grown-ups. Competitors with their frogs arrive from all over Croatia.

Annual competition in frog jumping

The Museum of Frogs in Lokve, Croatia

Museum of Frogs

Muzej žaba
Šetalište Glubinjak 50
51316 Lokve
Working hours: 12-19 every day
Proprietor of the Museum of Frogs: Ratko Gašparac
mob. 091 3831 278,  +385 51 831 278


The village of Lokve is near the town of Delnice on the Zagreb-Rijeka highway.


One of the champions in jumping, and his proud proprietor... Spectators in full concentration...

Official results of XVIth Frog Jumping Competition in Lokve, organized already in 1990. Twenty competing frogs, with their exotic names can be seen in the second column, and the names of respective proprietors in the third column. Note that the last frog is nicknamed Wolfgang, and the proprietor is Amadeus. Mozart would not mind.

A local beauty, called gatalinka.

Village of Lokve.

A souvenier frog from the Museum.

A detail from Muzej žaba - The Museum of Frogs.

One of the halls of the Museum of Frogs in Lokve.

About a hundred meters from the Museum a paradise of natural beuties (not only for frogs) awaits you - Forest park Golubinjak:

Prayer of Nature.

Map of the Forest Park Golubinjak near the village of Lokve.

Pleasant morning haze.

Clean and lovely place.

Croatian Coat of Arms

Entrance into deep forest of Golubinjak.

Paradise for children.

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