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Sime Strikoman millenium photos of Croatia
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  03/30/2009 | Tourism , People , Ideas | Unrated
777 years of Kutjevo Wine Cellars and other Millenium photos, part 1

777 years of The Kutjevo Wine Cellars in Croatia

Šime Strikoman in the middle with Nenad Bach and Darko Žubrinić at the Photo Club in Zagreb 2008.

Preparations in Kutjevo...

... for another photo. As we see in the front line, Croatian tamburitza is popular among the girls as well.

Pag is a beutiful town on the island of Pag. The island is famous for the Pag Cheese and Pag Lace.

And the view on the town of Pag from higher altitude. Do you notice the main square in front of the church?

The town of Pag along the coast, preparing for the Millenium photo.

Zadar near the Monument to the Sun and in front of the Sea Organ. Šime Strikoman in the basket with his camera.

A view from Zadar to the island of Ugljan from the basket.

Night view to the famous Monument of the Sun in Zadar from the same basket.

Source of the photos:

Zadar Millenium Jump into the sea in 2007.

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