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Adriana Smajic from Argentina for Radio Split
By Joza Vrljičak | Published  04/3/2009 | Culture And Arts | Unrated
Contributions from Argentina

Radio Split: Priloge / Contributions - na hrvatskom / in Croatian
Adriana Smajic za / for Nedeljni akvarel
The program is emitted every Sunday from 12 noon to 14:00, Croatian time. On the web at

Predstavljanje suradnice i nesto o Hrvatima u Argentini:
Presentation of the speaker and some on Croatians in Argentina:
Argentina, svoje regije, klima i Hrvati:
Argentina, her regions, climate and Croatians:
Intervju s Ivanom Vodanovicem:
Interviewing Ivan Vodanovic:
S Hrvatskim veteranima i Hrvatskim iseljenicima u Argentini:
With Croatian veterans and Croatian residents in Argentina:
S dvoje Hrvata iz Svedske u posjeti Argentini
With two Croatians from Sweden visiting Argentina
Hodocasce u Lujan - prvi dio:
Pilgrimage to Lujan - first part:
Hodocasce u Lujan - drugi dio - s Fra Josipom Peranicem:
Pilgrimage to Lujan - second part - with Fra Josip Peranic:

The blog of Adriana Smajic is
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