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Unforgettable Croatian songs of 1990s
By Prof.Dr. Darko Zubrinic
Published on 07/22/2010
Late Tomislav Ivčić on the photo composed his unforgettable Stop the War in Croatia. We include excellent appearances at the Eurovision Song Contents of the Put (Path) with Don't ever cry, the duo of Lidija Dunjko and Danijela Martinović with Nostalgija, and Maja Blagdan with Vječna ljubav (Eternal Love). We include Tereza Kesovija with Srebrena Bosna (Silver Bosnia), and last, but not least, Nenad Bach with Can We Go Higher?.

Stop the War in Croatia, Don't Ever Cry, Srebrena Bosna, Can we Go Higher?...


Tomislav Ivcic (1953-1993), a famous Croatian singer, is best known for his songs  Večeras je naša fešta and Stop the War in Croatia:

Don't ever cry, by the Croatian band Put (The Path), at the European Song Contest in 1993, singing Vivien Galletta, Anđela Jeličić, Melita Sedić, Naim Ayra, Pater Čučak and Olja Dešić:

Nostalgija, Lidija Horvat Dunjko and Magazin band with Danijela Martinovic, Croatian song performed at European Song Contest in 1995:

Sveta ljubav (Sacred Love), Maja Blagdan, Croatian song at the European Song Contest in 1996:

In 1999 Croatian pop singer Tereza Kesovija received an important French recognition Chevalier des Arts et Lettres for contributions to culture. On behalf of the French president Jacques Chirac it was presented by Jean-Jacques Gaillarde, French Ambassador in Croatia. She is known in Croatia and France for her promotion of the French chanson. At the Grand Prix Eurovision Contest held in 1966 she represented Monaco. 

Tereza will be remembered also for her numerous humanitarian concerts during the 1991-1995 aggression on Croatia, held not only in her homeland, but also in central Bosnia (in Nova Bila). Her house in native Konavle near the City of Dubrovnik was ravaged by Serbian and Montenegrin troops. Very rich personal archives and valuable concert piano were burnt down. 

Nenad Bach

My constant desire is to awaken the modern ear through our collective memory
and ancient vibrations.
Nenad Bach

Luciano Pavarotti & Friends: Together for the Children of Bosnia (Modena, Italy, 1995), with participation of Croatian composer Nenad Bach, New York, with his tune Can We Go Higher? - [mp3].

  • Bono Vox, a singer from U2, recites the famous Gundulic's verses O lijepa, o draga, o slatka slobodo from 17th century in Croatian language (= Oh beautiful, oh dear, oh sweet liberty) in the song entitled Miss Sarajevo, sang by Pavarotti: [mp3]


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