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Tom Rukavina Croatian-American running for Minnesota governor
By Marko Puljić | Published  04/5/2010 | Politics , People | Unrated
A refreshingly honest candidate for governor
Tom Rukavina, the lone Ranger, could benefit most from Tom Bakk's exit in DFL gubernatorial battle

Tom Rukavina, the only remaining non-metro candidate for the DFL endorsement for governor, likely will be helped by the exit of fellow Iron Ranger Tom Bakk.

By Doug Grow

Dan Skogen was about 20 minutes from going on the air Saturday morning to broadcast a third-place game in the girls' state high school basketball tournament - Parkers Prairie versus Northern Freeze - when he got a phone call.

"It was Tom Bakk," said Skogen, a DFL senator from Hewitt, a Bakk supporter and sports director of KWAD-AM and FM in Wadena. "He told me he was dropping out."

The decision by Bakk, the DFL senator from Cook on the Iron Range, to leave the race for gubernatorial endorsement creates the DFL's first major game-changing moment in the scramble.
By all accounts, House Speaker Margaret Anderson Kelliher and Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak are outpacing the field in the race for committed delegates, but there's a large contingent of formally uncommitted delegates with progressive ties.

Bakk staying neutral till after convention

In leaving the race, Bakk said he believed one of those two would end up with endorsement. But he also said he would not be supporting any of the still-standing candidates until after the April 23-25 convention.

That means he does have a core of supporters who are on the market. And such "second-choice candidates" as Rep. Paul Thissen and surprisingly strong Rep. Tom Rukavina could benefit from Bakk's departure if neither Rybak nor Kelliher can nail down the endorsement in early ballots.

The big prize for any remaining candidate would be nabbing the endorsement of the Minnesota State Building and Construction Trades Council, the umbrella organization for a cross section of craft unions in the struggling construction industry, which had endorsed Bakk.

Where does that organization's support go now that Bakk, a union carpenter by trade, is gone?

"Let me say, he would have been a great governor," said Harry Melander, president of the building and trades organization. "He's a smart guy, a big heart. That said, he made the right decision. He's real. He's practical. He could see the numbers."

But where does that leave the Building and Trades Council?

"Our executive board will make that decision," Melander said. "We have our quarterly meeting on April 8 and we'll decide what we're going to do then."

Three key union groups still in play
That means that there are now three major unions — the trades council, the Service Employees International Union and Education Minnesota — that are not tied to any candidate as the convention draws closer.

It's possible those three unions could coalesce around a single candidate just before, or during, the convention.

"We talk with each other," said Melander. But he quickly added that each organization will decide which candidate is best for its membership.

Melander also said his organization never cut ties with the campaigns of other DFL candidates when it threw its support to Bakk.

"But we felt tremendous loyalty to Tom," said Melander. "He was one of us."

There is a vulture-like quality to these political races. Even after a person — or union — announces support for a specific candidate, the other candidates continue to circle.

"If you're guy doesn't make it," they say, empathetically of course, "I'd sure like to have your support. I'd like to be your second choice."

Now that Bakk has fallen, the other candidates are reaching out as diplomatically as possible to attract his supporters.  

On the surface, Rukavina could stand to gain the most immediate support because the feisty populist from Virginia is now the lone Ranger in the field.

There appeared, however, to be some tension between Rukavina and Bakk, each knowing the other was making it impossible to build a unified northern Minnesota base.

However, Scott Johnson, mayor of Silver Bay and a Bakk supporter, doesn't believe any tough feelings between the two candidates spilled over to supporters and/or delegates.

"The sense I have,'' said Johnson, "is that after getting beat up for eight years, either of the Toms works [for DFLers in northern Minnesota]."

Where will Bakk supporters go now?
Johnson, who failed in his effort to become a Bakk delegate to the state convention, believes the vast majority of his supporters now will switch comfortably to Rukavina.

Johnson said a lot of old-timers sense "a bit of Rudy Perpich'' in Rukavina. Perpich, of course, was the last DFLer to be elected governor.

 But the chance to unite northern Minnesota support isn't the only gain for Rukavina. He's the only non-metro candidate still standing, though Kelliher, who lives in south Minneapolis, constantly talks about the fact that she was brought up on a farm.

Consider the thoughts of Skogen.

"For me, Tom is not only a gem of a colleague," Skogen said, "he brought a rural perspective to things. We're a state that really has only a couple of metropolitan areas. I think that rural perspective is important."

Skogen, who served as a Bakk fill-in at a number of district conventions in northwestern Minnesota, was perplexed by his candidate's inability to pull larger delegate numbers.

"He'd finish first or second in the straw polls," Skogen said, "but then he might get only one delegate. It was hard to understand."

Those who are doing well in Skogen's territory around Wadena are Kelliher and, to his surprise, Rybak. And Rukavina, too, always picks up some support, Skogen said.

"He comes into Wadena,'' said Skogen of Rukavina, "speaks a little Finnish to the people and they love him."

But Rukavina hasn't just been appealing in outstate Minnesota; he's actually fared well in the metro area, where crowds have been delighted with his passion, humor and knowledge.

It's still Kelliher or Rybak's endorsement to win or lose, but Rukavina is a stronger candidate today than he was Saturday morning.

Skogen, who is a convention delegate and already has received "a couple of calls" from hovering candidates, is going to wait awhile before he decides on his second choice.

"I'm just not ready to have that conversation yet," he said. "In a few days, I'll talk to Tom [Bakk] and see how I feel after that."

Meantime, he's got the boys' basketball tournament to broadcast for KWAD this weekend.


Tom Rukavina For Governor -- Croatian American Runs For Governor In Minnesota
Rukavina For Governor, 316 Chestnut Street, Virginia MN  55792
Dear Fellow Croatian Americans:
Please let me share with you a few details about my cousin Tom Rukavina is a second generation Croatian American running for governor in the state of Minnesota. Tom has been a state representative for 23 years during which time he has served the Iron Range of Minnesota, his district, and the state proudly. As his cousin I know Tom was raised to believe in the value of a good education, hard work and the importance of being a contributing member to the economy of this great country. These beliefs were engrained in him by his parents, and his immigrant grandparents who came to northeast Minnesota from Croatia to mine iron ore (our shared grandparents from the Lika area).
Incidentally, the last Democratic governor of Minnesota was Croatian American Rudy Perpich.
Anyway, Tom currently chairs the workforce development and higher education committee which is a very good fit for Tom. His entire career has centered on creating good jobs and fair, livable wages for working-class people. He works tirelessly for both a quality K-12 educational system and a strong higher educational system. University research that he helped fund has resulted in, and will continue to create, new jobs for the citizens of Minnesota. This research has extended the life of the mining industry in Minnesota and resulted in a new iron pellet that can be used not only in foundries but in electric arc furnaces all over the country. Tom's work to establish research fund accounts has also resulted in the development of new value-added products from the state's mineral, forest and agricultural resources.
An outspoken proponent of a strong manufacturing base in our country, Tom passed what is known as the "flag bill" in Minnesota which requires that all U.S. flags sold in the state must be manufactured in the United States. He has passed similar laws for other US made products  and will continue his work in this regard.
Tom has used the proceeds of royalties from the mineral wealth from Minnesota's Iron Range to establish a scholarship endowment at the University of Minnesota that makes possible a scholarship for 1 in every 5 Minnesota Freshman entering the University.
Tom has a passion for the people he represents and he will carry that passion with him when he represents all the people of the State of Minnesota. Tom is proud of his heritage, and will never forget where he came from. He knows the challenges and accomplishments of his immigrant grandparents from Croatia and wants to provide the same educational and job opportunities that his parents and grandparents received to the new wave of immigrant families in Minnesota. Tom visited Croatia ten years ago as part of the Minnesota National Guard delegation who were guests of the Republic of Croatia as part of the NATO Membership Action Program.
I would hope that you would consider supporting my cousin Tom in his campaign for Governor of Minnesota by sending him a donation. Tom is not a millionaire, unlike some of the candidates, but he believes with the support of many, he can succeed in his mission to bring good livable wage jobs and a strong educational system to the state of Minnesota. Please consider donating this month and any amount will be greatly appreciated. Please make checks out to: Rukavina For Governor.
You can learn more about Tom, his legislative accomplishments, his vision for Minnesota, and what others say about him, by visiting his website at: His campaign slogan is, "Refreshingly Honest." Those who have met Tom on the campaign trail say they thought it was just a slogan, until they heard him speak. My cousin is not your "typical" rehearsed politician. He speaks from his heart, and says what he believes. Please visit Tom's website, watch his video (produced by his son, Victor), and decide for yourself.
Sve najbolje,
Steve Rukavina
Philadelphia, PA

Formatted for CROWN by   Marko Puljić
Distributed by This message is intended for Croatian Associations / Institutions and their Friends in Croatia and in the World. The opinions / articles expressed on this list do not reflect personal opinions of the moderator. If the reader of this message is not the intended recipient, please delete or destroy all copies of this communication and please, let us know! Or simply...enjoy and spread the word and good vibrations.

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