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Hrvatski Običaj of Kansas City to release first CD
By Marko Puljiæ | Published  08/5/2010 | Culture And Arts | Unrated
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The members of Hrvatski Običaj would like to thank all of those who have supported us since we started in March 2007. The commitment, ded­ication, desire, sheer joy and passion each of us holds in our hearts is what connects us forever in this journey. As this CD was a labor of love we hope that you enjoy it, continue to support our endeavors and may you carry the spirit of Croatia all around the world with you as you listen to our music!

We welcome all of those who have supported us for the past three years. Our first CD will be available for purchase at Breit’s Stein & Deli, 412 North 5th Street in Kansas City, KS starting at 7 p.m. on Friday, August 13.

Hrvatski Običaj will play during the evening as well as sell our CDs. Autographs from your favorite H.O. members will be available. See you on the patio of Breit’s. Invite all of your friends. The more the merrier!

Song Samples

Vesela je šokadija
Enjoy listening to this tune about the happy villagers and the town they populate.

Mi smo cure šokice
The women of this village are happiest and their hearts sing with joy when the tambura plays and the kolos are danced.

Pjesma rastanku
This dramatic number features the tambura at its finest. Immerse yourself in the passion behind each beautiful note played but don't let it be the final song you listen to as the title suggests.

Falile se kaštelanke
The women from Kastel claim to be prettier than the women of Split ... you decide!

Celebrate life with this song! With health, happiness and prosperity for 100 years.

How To Order

To order your copy of our new CD, please send a check or money order for $20 per CD (this amount includes shipping and handling) to:

Hrvatski Običaj
3124 Canaan Valley Drive
Kansas City, Kansas 66109

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