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Celebrating Croatia’s D-Day: Operation Storm August 5th 1995
By Nenad N. Bach and Darko «ubriniŠ
Published on 08/5/2012
The profound respect, delight and the sense of ultimate justice for freedom WWII D-Day generates in the lands of WWII Allies is nothing less, nothing more than what "Operation Storm 1995" generates for Croatia and Croatians. The Operation Storm prevented genocide over Muslim Slavs in the BihaŠ area in Bosnia and Herzegovina. On the photo Dr. Franjo Tudjman, president of the Republic of Croatia, kissing the national flag in 1995 on the fortress of Knin, a former royal city of Croatian kings.

Congratulations on the occasion of Victory Day and the Day of Croatian Defenders on 5th August

Dr Franjo Tu­man, president of the Republic of Croatia, on the Knin Fortress, a seat of Croatian Kings,
immediately after the Operation Storm in 1995

Roots of Serbian agression on Croatia

Historical event for Croatia: president Franjo Tu­man kissing Croatian national flag on the Knin Fortress in 1995,
immediately after the Operation Storm

Croatian Coat of Arms

General Ante Gotovina and Dr Franjo Tu­man on the Knin Fortress in 1995

Croatian flag on the Knin fortress after the Operation Storm 5th October 1995

Prof.Dr. Slobodan Lang:
Operation Storm was humanitarian operation that prevented genocide

Iva VukiŠ:
Croatia's D-Day: Operation Storm 1995

Operation Storm 1995

Marking the 1995 Storm Operation in the town of Lovran, Istrian peninsula

Lovran, 5 August 2012

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