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Miro Gavran's comedy to be premiered in Hyderabad in India August 19th 2012
By Darko Žubrinić | Published  08/12/2012 | Bilingual , Croatian Language , Entertainment , Culture And Arts | Unrated
Miro Gavran's works have been translated into 35 languages, his plays have had over 200 premieres

Nenad Bach and Miro Gavran in Zagreb in 2008. Many thanks to Mr Gavran for the photo.


Komedija hrvatskog književnika Mire Gavrana “Muž moje žene” bit će premijerno izvedena u indijskom gradu Hyderabadu u produkciji Teatra SIFAR 19. kolovoza . Prijevod na hindi jezik i režiju potpisuje Feroze Ahmed, dok u glavnim ulogama nastupaju Prakash Phadnis i Feroze Ahmed.

Gavran je proteklih godina imao nekoliko uspješnih premijera širom Indije na maharatiju, engleskom i hindi jezicima, ali mu je ovo prva kazališna premijera u sedmomilijunskom gradu Hyderabadu koji je kulturno i političko središte značajne savezne indijske države Andhra Pradesh.

Do sada je "Muž moje žene" imao 17 premijernih izvedbi u deset zemalja u gradovima kao što su Zagreb, Ljubljana, Krakov, Moskva, Los Angeles, Riga, Prešovo, Mumbai, Tirana….

Djela Mire Gavrana do sada su prevedena na 35 jezika, kazališni tekstovi su mu imali preko 200 premijera, a njegove predstave je vidjelo više od dva milijuna gledatelja.

U komediji “Muž moje žene” govori se o dvojici muževa koji pet godina žive u braku s istom ženom, a da ne znaju jedan za drugoga.

Ona je domaćica u vlaku i njezin intimni život se odvija u dva različita grada sve do dana kada jedan od muževa otkrije prevaru, te odluči s onim drugim razjasniti čija će ta žena biti u budućnosti.


The Croatian writer Miro Gavran's comedy, MY WIFE'S HUSBAND, will be premiered in the SIFAR Theatre's production in the Indian city of Hyderabad on August 19th. The play has been translated into the Hindi language by Feroze Ahmed, and the leading roles will be played by Prakash Phadnis and Feroze Ahmed.

Over past years Gavran has had several successful premieres throughout India, performed in the Maharati, English and Hindi languages, but this will be the first production of one of his plays in the seven-million-strong city of Hyderabad, which is the cultural and political centre of the focal Indian federal state of Andhra Pradesh.

To date, MY WIFE'S HUSBAND has been played in 17 premiere performances in ten countries in cities such as Zagreb, Ljubljana, Cracow, Moscow, Los Angeles, Riga , Preševo, Mumbai, Tirana. . .

Miro Gavran's works have been translated into 35 languages, his plays have had over 200 premieres, and his shows have been seen by more than two million theatre-goers.

The comedy MY WIFE'S HUSBAND tells the story of two husbands who have blissfully lived in marriage with the same woman for five years, without either of them knowing of the existence of the other.

She is a stewardess on a train and her personal life unfolds in two different cities until the day when the husbands uncover the situation, and each of them decides to settle the issue of whose wife she is to be in the future.

From Miro Gavran's comedy "My Wife's Husband" premiered in the USA 2011


Contact Phone: +91-98493-31347
Contact Email:

Sifar invites you to a comedy play 'My WIfe's Husband - A comedy in Hindi & Hyderabadi.

Written by: Miro Gavran
Adaptad by: Feroze & Bhavani
Design & Directed by: Bhavani
Cast: Vinay Abhishek, Feroze Ahmed & Maya.

About the play:
Didn't quite get it did you?
Well, you gotta watch the show for that.

We'll leave you with a question though:

What if your soul mate had another soul mate who becomes your soul mate eventually?

Before you throw your arms in the air and say, 'just another love triangle', let us tell you that it's not.


घर है सूना सूना सा और प्यार को मन ये तरसे,

राह देखती अंखियों में से दुःख की नदिया बरसे.

कोई साथी मिल जाए जो समझे दुखते दिल का दर्द,

कोई बिछड़ा यार पुराना या मेरी जोरू का मर्द.

Sifar presents:

Meri Biwi Ka Shauhar

a comedy in Hindi & Hyderabadi

An adaptation of MY WIFE’S HUSBAND

Written by: Miro Gavran

Translated by: Feroze & Bhavani

Music composed by Amit Dasani & Suhit Chiruthapudi

Cast: Vinay Abhishek, Feroze Ahmed & Maya

Design & Directed by: BhavaniVenue: Lamakaan

Date: 19th of August 2012

Time: 7:30 PM

Not every day will you see a man and his wife’s husband together on stage.

Come and find out who gets to keep the wife and who gets to keep the misery.


Miro Gavran's biography

Miro Gavran is a contemporary Croatian author, born in 1961. His works have been translated into 35 languages, and his books have come out in 150 different editions at home and abroad. His dramas and comedies have had more than 200 theatre first nights around the world and have been seen by more than two million theatre-goers.

He is the only living dramatist in Europe to have a theatre festival devoted solely to his plays outside his/her homeland; the Gavranfest has been held in Slovakia since 2003.

He debuted in 1983 with the drama Creon's Antigone, speaking out forcefully about political manipulation. This was followed three years later by the drama Night of the Gods, the theme being the relationship between the artist and the powers-that-be under a totalitarian system. He then wrote a cycle of plays concentrating on male-female relations, in which his heroes were often great historical persons. He has created a series of complex female characters. His heroines are both strong and emotional. He has written some forty plays to date, including Death of an Actor, All About Women, All About Men, George Washington's Loves, Chekhov Says Good-Bye to Tolstoy, How To Kill The President, Greta Garbo's Secret, Parallel Worlds, Nora in Our Time, My Wife's Husband, Dr Freud's Patient...

There have been first nights of his plays throughout the world, in: Rotterdam, Washington, Moscow, Rio de Janeiro, Paris, Buenos Aires, Waterford, Mumbai, Bratislava, Prague, Ljubljana, Sarajevo, Krakow, Belgrade, Budapest, Athens, Augsburg, Vienna, Sofia.

He has had nine novels published: Forgotten Son, How We Broke Our Legs, Klara, Margita or A Journey into a Former Life, Judith, John the Baptist, Pontius Pilate and The Only Witness to Beauty, Kafka's friend, along with a collection of short stories entitled Small Unusual People.

In his early novels, he describes life in the Croatian provinces, featuring everyday folk, anti-heroes of sorts, who retain a positive stance towards life even when they are confronted with injustice and major difficulties. This is perhaps best seen in his novel, Forgotten Son (1989), in which the central personage is a slightly mentally challenged young man of twenty.

As a forty-year-old, Gavran started to write psychological-existential novels inspired by biblical characters, bringing them nearer to the sensibilities of contemporary readers. These books have been popular with both believers and non-believers, since their messages are universal.

His books have been published in all corners of the globe: in Beijing, Vienna, St Petersburg, Oslo, Istanbul, Paris, Prague, Bratislava, Sofia, Ljubljana...

Gavran has received more than twenty literary awards in Croatia and abroad, including the Central European Time Award, given annually in Budapest to the best Central European author for overall opus, as well as the European Circle Award given to writers for the confirmation of European values in their texts.

With insight and humour, Miro Gavran has written eight books for children and young people: All Sorts of Things in My Head, How Dad Won Mum, Head Over Heels in Love, Happy Days, Farewell Letter, Plays with a Head and a Tail, Try to Forget and The Teacher of My Dreams. These books have also found their way to adult readers.

Gavran earned his degree in Dramaturgy at the Academy of Theatre, Film and Television in Zagreb.

He first worked as a dramaturge and theatre director at the famous ITD Theatre in Zagreb. Since 1993, he has been living and working as a free-lance, professional writer. His theatre and prose texts have been included in numerous anthologies in Croatia and in countries outside its borders, and his work is studied at universities throughout the world.

He has been living in Zagreb, Croatia since he was twenty. He is married to the actress Mladena Gavran, and founded the Gavran Theatre with her in 2002. Their son Jakov is a student of acting.

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