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Marko Vrdoljak photographer and his presentation of Croatia's capital Zagreb
By Prof.Dr. Darko Zubrinic | Published  05/18/2012 | Music , Tourism , People , Environment , Entertainment , Education , Culture And Arts | Unrated
Pulse of the city of Zagreb

A short film made of thousands of photos, timelapse and video sequences fulfilled with special visual effects and custom composed music. The goal of this film was to capture positive energy of the city of Zagreb, Croatia. The film also shows Zagreb's rich street and nightlife, culture and sacral heritage together with internationally known attractions, events and many more. Material for this film was filmed during the period 2010-2012, postproduction and special effects were made by Dražen Zeljković while music and sound effects were made by Zvonko Tešić.

Authors wish to thank to all the people and organizations who helped in making of this project. For more info on our works and contact details please visit us on:
Marko Vrdoljak -,
Dražen Zeljković -,
Zvonko Tešić -


Marko Vrdoljak was born in 1973. As the owner of Five Stars Ltd. he for ten years works on the promotion of Croatian beauty in the world, collaborating with many ministries, government offices, embassies and cultural institutions.

He has published photo monographs: "Zagreb County", "National Park Brijuni," "Amazing Croatia", "Nerezine", "National Park Risnjak" and "Zagreb", and is currently working on several new photographic and video projects.

Great recognition for his photographic work Vrdoljak received by signing contracts with the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of Republic of Croatia on the implementation of two exhibitions, "Amazing Croatia" which accounts for 86 photos of all parts of the Croatia, and which represent the beauty of Croatia in the world.

Vrdoljak's photo ŤSheep paradiseť, taken in Lika, was chosen for the cover of 50th jubilee issue of "DigitalFoto Magazine" as a first cover with a work from Croatian photographer.

His work has been presented in numerous exhibitions in Croatia, USA, Italy, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Iceland, Denmark, Sweden and Latvia.


Zagreb County Photomonography by Marko Vrdoljak

Velika Mlaka south of Zagreb

The power of any idea and what becomes of it derives from the faith of its creator. Similarly, the power of a people and an individual is rooted in self-belief. All great ideas, being part of some greater conception, come from the self-awareness and self-respect of the originators, and from their ability to present the idea and themselves to the world. By respecting and learning from others, these ideas and people set a path to follow, define their own past, and outline a future.

Ideas, as well as people, without self-awareness or a sense of value and purpose, deteriorate over time, vanish, go unnoticed and fail to find their meaning. The world we live in is full of ideas of all kinds, big and small, among which some survive, while others fade into oblivion. And this is how things have always been. The idea of preserving nature's beauty, humanity's primordial feelings and thoughts, is especially worthy and must not be overlooked. The people entrusted with this idea should therefore be particularly aware of the task and burden bestowed upon them.

They say that the world has changed. They say they feel it in the water, soil, and smell it in the air... Most of what we have had is lost... But they also say that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. I don't know about them, but I still see beauty. I still believe that there is hope, willingness, and a way for us to preserve what we have inherited and create new values for future generations. I do not believe in malice aforethought and I think nobody really believes that is the case here.

I think that everything in this life is predetermined, and our interpretation and impression depends on us. We have to make sure that we see the beauty of tomorrow and enjoy it as happily and intensely as possible. It is our duty to keep our faith in beauty and hope. We must be the ones to create a better tomorrow with our positive energy, our talents, the ones who must keep negative thoughts inside and transform them into warmth, understanding and kindness...


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