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 »  Home  »  Education  »  Croatian Festival in France in automn 2012 will have more than 60 events
 »  Home  »  Culture And Arts  »  Croatian Festival in France in automn 2012 will have more than 60 events
Croatian Festival in France in automn 2012 will have more than 60 events
By Prof.Dr. Darko Zubrinic | Published  06/7/2012 | Tourism , Education , Culture And Arts | Unrated
Solemn opening of Croatian Festival in France will be in the Cluny Museum in Paris on 9 October 2012

More than 60 events at Croatian Festival in France

More than 60 events held in 45 different locations will be the feature of the 2012 Croatian Festival in France which is to be held from September to December, confirmed Croatia's Ministry of Culture.

Cooperation with major festivals like the Festival d'Automne, Fiac, Mois de la Photo, Nuit Blanche has been announced, whilst the most significant exhibition of 12 sculptures by famous Croatian sculptor Ivan Mestrovic in the Rodin Museum, which opens on 17 September, marks the beginning of the festival.

The official opening of the Festival will be on 9 October in the Cluny Museum, where it is expected that the presidents of the two countries will open the Croatian medieval art exhibition.

The 2012 Croatian Festival in France is a big opportunity to present Croatia and its uniqueness, and diversity in the European context.


Se rendre en Croatie

Croatie, la voici! - Festival de la Croatie en France

Croatie, la voici!

400th Edition of French magazine Geo dedicated to Croatia

Popular French magazine 'Geo' has dedicated its 400th edition to Croatia, describing the beauty and tourist offerings of the country, reports website

Arial view to the town of Rovinj in Istrian peninsula, Croatia.

Around 5 million readers of the French magazine 'Geo', are treated to ten pages about Croatia and the country as a tourist destination. Geo magazine is a similar publication to National Geographic and is renowned for its profound articles.

The June edition of Geo features reports from journalists Sylvie Buy and Nicolas Ancelin after their visit to Croatia. The pair introduce readers to the beauty of the not so well known places to the French

people, and write about the Venetian charm of Istria, Opatija's Belle Epoque ambience, the beautiful islands in the Kvarner region, Zadar's futuristic monuments, the purity of the sea in Losinj and much more.


Croatian boats at French festival of sailors and the sea

Traditional boats that will represent the Kvarner and Istria region of Croatia at the International festival of sailors and the sea in Brest, France on 13-19 July, will be on display in Rijeka on 6 June as part of the Kvarner maritime tradition festival.

The city of Brest in France is famous for the sailors and sea festival which is held every four years. The last festival held in 2008 saw more than 2,000 boats from 24 countries. In just seven days more than half a million visitors attended the festival.

This year organisers have announced that more than 2,500 boats from 30 countries will attend the festival and 1 million visitors are expected to turn up, mainly from France, UK, Spain and Germany.

This year's Croatian star of the show will be the Laja from the island of Rab Laja, an eight meter long boat which is a naval rarity and also in Adriatic and Croatian shipbuilding heritage. Apart from the vessels, Croatian exhibitors at the festival will promote the overall tourist offerings of the Istria and Kvarner region of Croatia.


Autor emisije Stipe Božić i snimatelj Joško Bojić prate povijesni pothvat Neretvana koji su s tradicionalnom riječnom lađom preveslali Jadransko more, od Ploča do grada Termolija u Italiji (pokrajina Molise). Pothvat je izveden pod simboličnim nazivom "Tragovima pradjedova". U pokrajini Molise na jugu Italije živi hrvatska manjina koja se tu doselila oko 1500. godine. Rutu dugu 270 kilometara lađari su prešli za 37 sati neprestanog veslanja. U pratnji lađara bio je brod HRM "Andrija Mohorovičić" na kojem su se lađari odmarali u pauzi veslanja. Niti veliko nevrijeme koje ih je zadesilo tijekom druge noći ni veliki valovi s vjetrom koji su nalijevali lađu nisu spriječili lađare da završe pothvat.

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