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Yoko Nishii's Christmas concert on 23rd Dec 2015 in Japan includes Croatian composer Dora Pejacevic
By Nenad N. Bach and Darko Žubrinić
Published on 12/2/2015
We are very pleased to announce that Yoko Nishii, Japanese pianist, will have a Christmas Concert on December 23rd 2015 at Oita (Oita-iichiko Hall, Oita-city, Japan). It includes among others the works of Dora Pejačević (1885-1923), the first Croatian womean composer. Yoko Nishii is the author of the double CD containing the pianist works of Dora Pejačević, published in Tokyo in 2015. She studied piano at the Music Academy "Ino Mirković" in Lovran, Croatia.

Dora Pejacevic 1885-1923 was the first Croatian women composer

Announcement of the Christmas concert of Yoko Nishii, Japan

We are very pleased to announce that Yoko Nishii, Japanese pianist, will have a Christmas Concert on December 23th 2015 at Oita (Oita-iichiko Hall, Oita-city, Japan), containing the following program:

Ivo Josipovic
 ・Igra staklenih perli-preludij za klavir / The Glass Bead Game-Prelude for piano (1986)

ポPiano Sonata No.26 “Les Adieux”

Gustav Mahler
ポAdagietto (from Symphony No.5)

Dora Pejačević (1885-1923)
ポZwei Klavierskizzen / Dvije skice za glasovir / Two Piano Sketches Op.44
ポBlutenwirbel / Cvjetni vrtlog / A Whirl of Blossoms in E Flat Major Op. 45
ポCapriccio Op.47
ポNocturne Op.50-2
ポPiano Sonata in B-flat minor Op.36

Dora Pejačević on Croatian postage stamp, published in 2014.
Designed by Dubravka Zglavnik Horvat.

This concert is organized on the occasion of the opening exhibitions vol.2 "Dawn of Gods" - Encounter of Venus, and Spiritual Landscape, East and West.

The museum was opened on 24th of April 2015 and the highlight of this exhibition is "Nuda Veritas" by Gustav Klimt  from Theater Museum in Wien.
On this concert Yoko Nishii will connect Klimt and Mahler, Beethoven... and Pejačević!
"Fin de siecle" in Wien and Croatia!

Yoko Nishii playing "Rose" (Flower's Life, No. 5, Op. 19) by Dora Pejačević

Dora Pejačević (1885-1923) is the first Croatian woman composer.
Here we can see her portrait by Maxo Vanka, distinguished Croatian painter.

Yoko Nishii interpreting piano pieces by Dora Pejačević (1885-1923), the first Croatian woman composer.

Dora Pejačević in the music saloon of the Pejačević Palace in Našice, Croatia.
Photo by Elizabeta Drašković, 1912. Source

Dora Pejačević (10 September 1885 -- 5 March 1923): Walzer-Capricen, Suite for Piano, Op. 28, written in 1910.
Performed by Yoko Nishii in 2013 (live)

  • 00:00 - No. 1: Moderato
  • 01:04 - No. 2: Grazioso
  • 02:25 - No. 3: Im Ländler-Tempo
  • 03:27 - No. 4: Wiegend
  • 05:05 - No. 5: Lento
  • 06:58 - No. 6: Tempo giusto
  • 08:11 - No. 7: Allegretto
  • 09:35 - No. 8: Grazioso, allegramente
  • 10:58 - No. 9: Moderato

These excellent inventive little piano pieces, in the form of a piano suite, are a high-point in the solo-piano oeuvre of Pejačević.
They are full of imagination; a listener will be surprised by how different of character they are,
even though most of them don't exceed 1-2 minutes in length.

Yoko Nishii in the town of Metković, Croatia, during
her concert tour in 2015.

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