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Ivan Rabuzin 1921-2008 outstanding Croatian painter died
By Prof.Dr. Darko Zubrinic | Published  12/22/2008 | People , Culture And Arts | Unrated
Rabuzin's flowers on solemn curtains of Japanese theatres

Ivan Rabuzin 1921-2008

Ivan Rabuzin (1921-2008) designed a curtain decorating the stage of one of the best Kyoto theaters (Japan), as well as the Takarazuka theatre in Tokyo (10.5 x 24 m, 1980), and several other museums in Japan: Sategaya Art Museum in Tokyo, Saitama Museum of Modern Art in Urawa, Isetan. He also had exhibitions at Daimaru and Shinsabashi in Osaka. Since 1976 his designs are used by "Rosenthal", renowned producer of porcelain ware. He is also a member of the Croatian Parliament (Sabor). It is interesting that Rabuzin's father was a miner, while his mother was blind.

His art was exhibited throughout the world: Zagreb, Paris, Antibes, Zurich, Milano, USA (Louisiana, Smithsonian Institution, Carnegie Institute Museum of Art, Scottsdale Center for the Arts, Milwaukee Museum Art Center, Chicago Public Library, C.W. Post Art Galery/Long Island University, Pittsburgh), Oslo, Munich, Dusseldorf, Amsterdam, Verona, Brescia, Florence, Tokyo, Osaka, Geneva, Cologne, London, etc. As many as 10 films have been made about Rabuzin's work, including one in Japan (Moritani Shiro, Kyoto). Among numerous monographs devoted to his work we mention only the following one: Masayoshi Honme, Ivan Rabuzin / Taiji Harada, 1990, published by Kodanasha, Japan.


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Ivan Rabuzin was a member of the Croatian Dragon Fraternity.

As many as 10 films have been shot dealing with the art life of Ivan Rabuzin, including one in Japan (Moritani Shiro, Kyoto).

One of 13 monographs about the art of Ivan Rabuzin.

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