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Bevan Calvert Goes to the World Championship in Croatia January 2009
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  12/31/2008 | Sports | Unrated
Sports connect people around the globe
Bevan Stuart Calvert

The Australian Handball Federation has selected the members of the Men's Team which will compete in the World Championship to be held in Croatia in January 2009. CroWorld’s friend, Bevan Calvert is one of these players. 
CROWN readers first saw Bevan when his photo in the game against Croatian handball team during the 2005 World Championship was included in an article about Croatia winning Silver in the championship. 

Happy Calvert Handball Family: Bevan, John (team manager), Violi (PR) and Tim.

Since then, a few articles on Bevan had been published on CROWN. This article is an update on Bevan, as well as an introduction to new CROWN readers or those who may have missed reading about him.

This will be Bevan's third time to represent Australia in the handball World Championship. Bevan was eighteen years of age when he played for Australia in WC 2005 which was held in Tunisia. He has always regarded the highlight for him of that tournament was the inspiring and challenging game against Croatia, and being able to score five goals against the world’s number one Goalkeeper.  That game in fact forged a strong friendship between CROWN and Australian handball through Bevan.

Bevan also holds great memories of WC2007 which was held in Germany, where he scored an awesome goal in the game versus France. This goal was selected as "Play of Day" and was screened before the Denmark v Norway game which was watched by millions of handball fans all over the world.
Now Bevan is looking towards his participation in WC 2009 to be held in Croatia. However, this comes with a big price. He has effectively given up his two year-contract with his club in Denmark in order to represent his country.  After losing his part-time job following the recent economic downturn, it was difficult to get a replacement job as required by his visa, due to his absence to be in the preWC camp and the tournament itself.

Bevan’s decision was not a surprise to us. Aside from his strong love of his sport and his country, it seemed that he is destined to go to Croatia. From the time that his photo was picked by Nenad Bach [Editor in Chief of CROWN] from hundreds of photographs taken during WC05 and published it on CROWN, a strong friendship was established. Subsequently, we were requested by Nenad to submit information about Bevan. He became CROWN’s adopted son whose progress in his sport was shared with its readers. 
Sport and music connect people. Just as it is in 2009 that Bevan gets the opportunity to go to Croatia, we hope it will also be the year that Nenad will come to Australia. As you know, aside from being the Editor in Chief of CROWN and being involved in many other projects which promote friendship, world peace, social justice and the protection of the environment, Nenad is an accomplished recording artist, composer, and performer. .Nenad had gone on successful tours in the USA and Europe. A group of his friends feel strongly that people in other parts of the world deserve to know and enjoy his music too. Arrangements are currently being made for the Nenad Bach Australia-New Zealand Tour 2009. We would share with CROWN readers details as they come to hand, so watch this space.

                                                                                                                                                  Violi Calvert

Bevan representing his country and Australian Handball Federation

Going back to handball, Australia is in a tough pool. The Preliminary Games, which will be played in Osijek in Croatia, are against stronger teams which have fully-paid and experienced players. These teams are: Argentina, France, Hungary, Romania and Slovakia. During the period before the Preliminary Games, the Croatian Handball Federation in collaboration with the local handball clubs in Osijek will meet the accommodation, meals and transport expenses of the Australian players and management team.
WC09 will be a big challenge for Bevan and the Australian Team but their passion for the sport and their country would no doubt inspire them to do their best. 
We wish Bevan and the Australian Men’s Team the best, as they show the world that they have earned their qualification and deserve to be in the World Championship. This event will have a special meaning for Bevan as Destiny has willed him to be in Croatia for this significant event.

Australia's Bevan Calvert (C) breaks through Croatia's defender Goran Sprem (R) to score a goal against Croatia's goalkeeper Venio Losert (L) during their Men's Handball World Championship Group C match in Sfax, Tunisia, January 26, 2005. REUTERS/Jean Paul Pelissier. Croatia won Silver.


     It is very exciting to say the least, that Bevan, John and Violi are going to Croatia. Our friendship started with handball photography, when nobody knew that Croatia will be hosting World Championship.

      For Australian Team that is of world heritage and curiously enough consist of young men with Croatian, Serbian and even mixed heritage we wish Osijek to continue their already extended welcome plus simply shower them with love, show them true Croatian hospitality, passion and class and enrich their life experience so they can carry it for life and spread somewhere else in the world where needed.

We wish Bevan Stuart Calvert best playing ever. Violi and John most memorable time of their life.

Nenad N. Bach

     The Australian Handball Federation [AHF] is pleased to announce that arrangements have been finalised for the Australian Men's Team's pre-World Championship training camp in Osijek, Croatia.

     AHF wishes to thank Sasha Dimitric, Founder of Handball in Australia, for all the effort in negotiating with the Croatian Handball Federation to host the Australian Men's Team and organise matches with the local handball clubs in:

      Beli Manatir Friday, 9 January 7.30 p.m.
      Požega Sunday, 11 January 7.30 p.m.
      Našice Tuesday, 13 January 7.30 p.m.
      Osijek Wednesday, 14 January 7.00 p.m.
      Osijek Thursday, 15 January 7.30 p.m.

     During the period before the Preliminary Games, the Croatian Handball Federation in collaboration with the handball clubs in these towns will meet the accommodation, meal and transport expenses of the Australian players and management team.

     It has been many years since Sasha played for “RK Zagreb”, the best Croatian handball club at the time. Before moving to Zagreb, Sasha played for over 10 years with the well known club "Red Star" (Belgrade), winning with the club the Yugoslav Championships twice. Over the years, he has remained in close contact with Croatia's handball officials and community, constantly exchanging ideas and generally keeping abreast of developments and events in handball. In preparation for the Sydney Olympic Games, at the "Test Events" Sasha extensively helped the Croatian Olympic Delegation in their search for the facilities for several sports and in particular for handball. It was through this continued liaison that he was able to gain approval for his proposal for the Men's Team training camp in Osijek.

     The AHF also wishes to express its thanks to the Croatian Handball Federation, in particular to Mr. D. Poljak (Secretary General) and Ms T. Suster, as well as to the clubs in Beli Manastir, Nasice and Osijek, in particular Mr. Goran Peterko, (Secretary, Executive Council) for hosting the Men's Team. Their assistance in preparing the Australian Men's Team for its participation in the World Championship to be held in their beautiful country is extremely valuable and is very much appreciated. 

Formated for CROWN by Nenad N. Bach
Distributed by . This message is intended for Croatian Associations/Institutions and their Friends in Croatia and in the World. The opinions/articles expressed on this list do not reflect personal opinions of the moderator. If the reader of this message is not the intended recipient, please delete or destroy all copies of this communication and please, let us know!...or simply enjoy.

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  • Comment #1 (Posted by Violi)

    Our sincerest thanks to you Nenad for your kind thoughts and wishes. We treasure the friendship that has resulted from the publication of Bevan's photo in 2005, which was 'found' by our Goalkeeper Ognjen Latinovic who is also making his third appearance at a WC for Australia.

    The hospitality towards us even before we arrive has been outstanding and touching. We are sure to have wonderful experience and memories to hold in our hearts forever.

    We need more kind people like you and the folks of Osijek, so World Peace would stand a chance to succeed.

    John,Violi,Bevan and the Australian Team & Team Management
  • Comment #2 (Posted by Nancy Cesar)

    Excellent write-ups! Congratulations and best wishes to Bevan Calvert and his team. You have a great support system, Bevan! Hello to your Mom and Dad and brother, Tim (hope to see you guys again). Thanks, Team Croatia, for hosting them!
  • Comment #3 (Posted by Violi)

    Message from Cameroon guy:
    Bonjour champ. re ami BEVAN jai tes prouesses. Travers ton site.Du fait que tu sois un passion eacute; du handball me motive;associer; toi.Je suis un jeune Camerounais pratiquant ce sport. aimerais en faire carri; re dans ton champ;re beau pays.

  • Comment #4 (Posted by Flor Sitchon)

    Our good wishes goes to Bevan on the AHF competition. His decision makes us so proud considering that after all the years of playing handball, his hear has been and will always be with the success of the Australian Team.

    Knowing personally his parents, John and Violi, as well as his only brother Tim, I sincerely believe that they raised Bevan well and taught him his priorities in life. Bevan is a Filipino-Australian after heart.

    Good luck Bevan! Let's bring that trophy home to OZ!
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