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Marin Speranda's attractive photos of the City of Dubrovnik
By Prof.Dr. Darko Zubrinic
Published on 12/10/2008
Many people think that the City of Dubrovnik is one of the most beautiful in the world. Marin Šperanda, living in Dubrovnik, is amateur photographer, and his photos indicate in his very convincing poetic way the beauty of his native City. Dubrovnik is the unique city in the world lovingly called by its citizens simply as GRAD, i.e. the City.

Poetic photos of Dubrovnik, part 1

Bora around the City.

View to the City of Dubrovnik from the mount of Srđ at sunset.

Twilight glow above the City.

The sun just dissapearing behind the city of Dubrovnik and the Elafiti islands, ...

... and a little bit later.

Dubrovnik in the morning.

Dubrovnik remparts

A lady from Konvale, a region south of Dubrovnik, in beautiful local dress, comfortably sitting and knitting. Where are her legs?

Our friend the magarac (donkey). Another very widespread name for donkey in Dalmatian part of Croatia is tovar (tovar = load). Please, remember that the name of  Joe Magarac, a legendary American steel worker, is derived from Croatian name for donkey.

Marin Špernada, born and living in Dubrovnik, occupied with computers and his photo camera. This photo was taken by his right hand.

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Poetic photos of Dubrovnik, part 2

Fireworks above the City of Dubrovnik on the occasion of opening of the Summer Games. Night photo from the nearby mount of Srđ.

Scarfs from the 1991 savage aggression on Croatia are still visible on the cable car leading from the City to the nearby mount of Srđ. Please, see the related famous photos by Pavo Urban.

Sunset above Dubrovnik viewed from the mount of Srđ.

And a bit later the scenery is entirely different.

Two flights above the City.

Quartet behind the City.


Sunset above the City of Dubrovnik.

Flight between the City and the Moon.

Discovery above the City.

The famous Stradun, the main street of the City of Dubrovnik.

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Poetic photos of Dubrovnik, part 3

A Dubrovnik dove

Dominican Convent in Dubrovnik

A detail from a famous Convent of Minor Brothers in Dubrovnik.

River flow 15 km from the City.

Many thanks to mr. Marin Šperanda for permission to use his photos exclusively for the readers of the CROWN. Those wishing to contact Mr. Šperanda can write to marin.speranda[AT] .

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