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Croatian Heroes: Kata Šoljić legendary Croatian mother died
By Prof.Dr. Darko Zubrinic | Published  11/10/2008 | Croatian Heroes , People , In Memoriam , History | Unrated
Kata Šoljić 1922-2008 lost her four sons during the Homeland War

Dr. Juraj Njavro and Kata Šoljić in 2007 delivering a public lecture. Photo by Snježana Božić.

Kata Šoljić is best known as a mother of four sons, Croatian defenders that lost their lives during the the Battle for Vukovar. She died in Zagreb at the age of 87.

Born in 1922, during the Second World War she lost four brothers. And during the Homeland War in 1990s she lost her four sons: Mijo, Mato, Ivo and Niko. She was trying to find the remains of her sons for twelve years. The last body, that of Niko, was found in 2003.

It is difficult for a person leading a normal life to comprehend how was it possible to endure all these misfortunes. Kata Šoljić became one of the symbols of the Homeland War.

She was a pleasant and beloved person, nicknamed "The Vukovar Mother Courage". We try to illustrate her character by several very nice photos taken by Snježana Božić in 2007, during a lecture organized by Hrvatsko Slovo weekly in the building of the National and University Library in Zagreb. We express our gratitude to Snježana.

We mention that Mr. Mladen Pavković published a monograph about Kata Šoljić:

Mladen Pavković: Kata Šoljić junakinja hrvatskog Domovinskog rata, Koprivnica, Alineja, 2004., 96 pp. Those interested can write to .

Kata Šoljić with Snježana Božić.

A friendly discussion between Kata Šoljić and Professor Ive Livljanić, the first ambassador of the Republic of Croatia at the Holy See.

Kata Šoljić with Snježana Božić and with Mr. Mladen Pavković from the town of Koprivnica, author of the monograph about Mrs Šoljić.

Formated for CROWN by prof.dr. Darko Žubrinić
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