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 »  Home  »  Politics  »  Visnja Anic's 1991 letters from Croatia to M. Thatcher, H-D. Genscher, H. Kohl, and A. Mock
 »  Home  »  Education  »  Visnja Anic's 1991 letters from Croatia to M. Thatcher, H-D. Genscher, H. Kohl, and A. Mock
Visnja Anic's 1991 letters from Croatia to M. Thatcher, H-D. Genscher, H. Kohl, and A. Mock
By Nenad N. Bach and Darko Žubrinić | Published  08/4/2011 | Human Rights , Politics , Education | Unrated
Endeavours of Croatian intellectuals to help their homeland in 1991

Višnja Anić on the right and Željka Čorak (from Canada) on the left in the winter garden of Školska knjiga publishing company in Zagreb.
Sea-paintings (actually photographs of the sea-bottom taken through the waves) by Višnja & Marijan Anić.

The letters below illustrate some of endeavours of Croatian intellectuals in the defense of Croatia from Serbian aggression that started in 1991. Many thanks to Mrs. Višnja Anić, professor of English and German, Zagreb, for sending us these letters. She was then employed at the Foreign Languages School in Zagreb. She is also a talented artist, who introduced the concept of "painting with the sea" with her husband.

All our drops...

Višnja Anić

Some of us remember 1991 and the drama of Vukovar when some people took to guns believing that it was their sacred duty, some just sat in despair, but a few of us decided to do what we could to prove to the world  that they were showing a distorted picture of what we knew was the reality of those days.

I personally felt humiliated sitting with my family in the cellar, only to hear the news on TV that the Croats ("bad guys") were jeopardising the army closed in the barracks... Several times I had to run with my 8 -10 year old classes across the street into a nearby shelter at the sound of air-raid alarm. 

At the same time the voice of Sinisa Glavasevic, calm and composed - was reporting about the tragedy of Vukovar...

As a teacher of English whose rather innovative picture dictionary had just been published, I decided to send it to all the leading politicians who had helped Croatia, to reassure them that they were doing the right thing. 

I wrote them pathetic letters, but those were the days when you couldn't be reasonable. I enclosed the picture dictionary FUN WITH WORDS for them to show to whoever needed to be reassured that Croatia had high standards and was ready for Europe even then.

Margaret Thatcher, Alois Mock, Dietrich Genscher and Helmut Kohl all answered in a reassuring way - as much as they were allowed - as politicians.

In those days of darkness, it was a ray of light in the tunnel. Their words meant the world to me and I am still grateful to them.

I am sure that many of us added their little drops to the beautiful waterfall that we have to cherish and protect.

Višnja is a female name, meaning cherry in Croatian.

Fun With Words, a picture dictionary for children published in Croatia's capital Zagreb in 1990,
written by Višnja Anić and Branimir Dorotić.
The book was published in time when Serbian aggression on Croatia started.

From the book Fun With Words

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