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Croatian Viewpoint website of Jean & Ante Marinovic husband and wife team in Melbourne
By Nenad N. Bach and Darko Žubrinić | Published  07/30/2011 | People , Friends In Action , Education , Croatian Life Stories | Unrated
Mission to bring the Croatian ‘journey to freedom’ to an English-speaking audience

Jean Lunt Marinovic in the middle with her husband Ante on the right, and with Nenad Bach
at the Melbourne Ethnic Community Radio, Australia.

Jean and Ante Marinović at the Tullamarine Airport in Melbourne, travelling to Croatia.

Croatian Viewpoint

Croatian Viewpoint’s mission is to bring the Croatian ‘journey to freedom’ to an English-speaking audience.  History and poetry are presented in the English language and also in the Croatian language together with some translated material.   ‘Viewpoint’ presents an analysis of key Croatian issues from a human rights perspective, and the ‘Virtual Policnik Museum’ interprets the Croatian history of the Zadar hinterland from an ethnographic viewpoint.  

Jean Lunt Marinović in Zadar at the Pet bunara square, the Square of Five Wells

Croatian Viewpoint’s hosts are Ante Marinovic and Jean Lunt Marinovic, a husband & wife team, who voluntarily contribute to this independent project.  Jean is the principal author and she gets her support from her husband Ante and their family, and she gets her inspiration from the courage and optimism of Croatian people.  Ante and Jean look forward to frequent trips to Croatia since its independence.

Jean Lunt Marinović in Toronto 2003

Since the 1970s Jean, a Canadian-born settler of Anglo/Celtic ancestry in Australia, has been researching Croatian history and she has been published regularly for 30 years in Australian-Croatian newspapers and other publications.   At university Jean majored in the Croatian region and completed a BA degree in political history.   Ante, a Croatian-born refugee from the former Yugoslavia to Australia, has had some of his over 100 poems published in Australian-Croatian newspapers over past decades.

Jean and Ante Marinović in Croatia's capital Zagreb, on the Jelačić square.

As a child growing up in North America Jean traveled widely and these travels included a visit to the United Nations building in 1959.  She has always been interested in human rights and is aware of how social exclusion leaves an indelible mark on people and their communities, after witnessing the impact of segregation of African-American communities and the isolation of North American-native communities.

Jean and Ante Marinović in Ravni Kotari near the city of Zadar,
in front of the monument of Dr. Franjo Tuđman, Croatian president from 1990 to 1999.

For the first time, since the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights,  the Croatian people are experiencing some acceptance of their identity,  recognition of their nation, freedom of expression, and a measure of the equality and dignity that follow from these rights -  but there is still a long way to go if this generation is to experience genuine closure.  

Jean in front of the building of the United Nation, 1959.

Jean often reflects on a statement dating back to 1986, by the Australian coordinator of the United Nations “International Year of Peace”, that people have a moral responsibility to find peaceful solutions to national and international problems before they lead to military intervention.  From this international perspective the journey to Croatian freedom is of great significance to everyone! 

Ante Marinovic & Jean Lunt Marinovic

Croatian Viewpoint … ‘a journey to freedom’ is the independent website of A & J Marinovic, a husband and wife team. We are often asked “what is our website about” or “what is our main argument”?
a journey …
Our mission is to interpret the long journey to freedom, and in the 21st century to include a greater focus on the Zadar hinterland region of Croatia, as part of that interpretation. In contrast, during the last decades of the 20th century, the main focus of research has been on Croatian settlement in Australia.
… to freedom
The big challenge is to find some meaning for the journey to freedom in the bigger picture. For the first time since the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights the Croatian people are experiencing acceptance of their identity, the recognition of their nation, freedom of expression and a measure of the equality and dignity that follow from these rights.
Viewpoint …
Some events in Croatian history have affected the wider region and the rest of the world as well as Croatian people. On our website we use an empirical approach to examine those events and documents from a United Nations Human Rights perspective.

Canadian-born of Anglo/Celtic ancestry Jean has a BA degree with a major in the history of the Croatian region.

Home of the ‘Virtual Policnik Museum’

Jean Lunt Marinović in the city of Zadar, Croatia, near the Narodni trg - People's square.

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  • Comment #1 (Posted by Violi)

    Congratulations to you Jean and Ante, for the great job of sharing amazing stories and sceneries in Croatia.
  • Comment #2 (Posted by susan lunt porter)

    hi jean i think you are part of our family ,irene from trawden was telling me about you my dad was george lunt ,you are coming over on the 7th july ,i look forward to seeing you then and catching up with you regards susan
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