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Daniela Nincevic and her Cro Majesty project "SPORT FOR EVERY CHILD"
By Prof.Dr. Darko Zubrinic | Published  12/27/2011 | Sports , Entertainment , Education | Unrated
Our goal: Croatian sport for every child

Daniela Ninčević, initiator and director of the project "Cro Majesty"

Cro Majesty project unites over 2.000 children from 28 Orphanages, situated in 19 different cities of the Republic of Croatia. The main organizer of this project is Mrs Daniela Ninčević. Its purpose is educational and recreational for children's better socialization. On its way is a new project for kids around the world to unite in different sports games, tournaments and manifestations.

Let's unite in our desire to provide for them health & safety – their future lies in our hands!

Antonia Dora Pleško & Klapa Sv. Florijan, Žrnovnica near the city of Split


1. „My first training“ - takes place in each and every particular Orphanage (kids within 6 -15 years of age categorized in groups by the type of sport chosen     and whether being for professional or recreational purposes)

2. „Sport Camps” - takes place in various youth hostels all over the Republic of Croatia

3. „Sport schools and clubs” - for every Orphanage – Children's Home to have their own chosen  sport club with its own trade mark. (Given that the most popular of all sports is soccer a school of soccer will be open for the youngest and a soccer club for those who wishes to pursue their dreams in an active and professional way. It is a well known fact, strongly recommended by numerous psychologists for each and every child to be involved in extra curriculum activities to develop that much needed sense of belonging and affiliation)

4. „Youth Games” - As an yearly event to be organized at the Sport Stadium “Maksimir” in Zagreb

5. “Sport and Fun” - entertainment within the framework of  the upcoming  tournament, game, match etc. (e.g. various social activities such as drama classes, music  and art lessons, dance and rhythmic classes etc – dependable on children’s expressed interest)

6. „All sports Tournament“ - part of the project that includes all of the above mentioned programs but within the particular Orphanage led  by in-house  volunteers as well as the part time external professionals

Logo of Cro Majesty - Hrvatsko Veličanstvo


To organize as many various sports activities as possible in order to provide healthy and safe environment for all the orphans who by definition and misfortune lack in family love, care and protection. We want them to feel loved and protected to give them a since of a right direction to, in their affirmative years give them a positive start to a fulfilling future!


On its way is our new project for kids around the world to unite in different sports games, tournaments and manifestations.

Dancing club "Harmony"


Nama treba mira, tiha radost, ples leptira, put u bajke, dobre vile i patuljci, tobogani i vrtuljci, sportske dvorane i objekti, put u snove, vedre igre, priče nove, svijet čudesa da nam date spokojno da sanjamo. Mi želimo biti prinčevi i princeze, mali glumci, likovnjaci, plesači i sportaši.

Mi želimo biti djeca CRO MAJESTY škole nogometa "PRVACI", NK "ŠAMPIONI" , plesnog klub "HARMONY".

Mi ćemo pobjediti, Dječja četo svi u stroj, Za projekat djeteta " ŠPORTU TREBA SVAKO DIJETE" i 1. HUMANITARNI CRO MAJESTY BAL  "DJECA BIRAJU" svi u boj!

Hvala Vam svima na uslišenju naših izbiranih želja!

  • djeca iz dječjeg doma Zagreb
  • djeca iz dječjeg doma A.G.Matoš
  • djeca iz dječjeg doma I.G.Kovačić
  • djeca iz dječjeg doma Laduć
  • djeca iz dječjeg doma sa posebnim potrebama Tuškanac
  • mladi iz stambenih zajednica Zagreb



Nenad Bach, Daniela Ninčević and Luka in Zagreb in March 2012.

Formated for CROWN by prof.dr. Darko Žubrinić
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