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MeL Lovric meat industry company in Croatia
By Ilija Veselica | Published  12/12/2011 | Croatian Cuisine , Companies , Business | Unrated
MeL Lovric meat industry company in Croatia

Jakov Lovrić on the right, for the second consecutive time European champion
at the International Prosciutto Festival in Poreč in Istrian peninsula, Croatia, 2008.
The judges were from Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Passion for quality and dedication to work and meat production make the company Mel matchless. The Lovric family started its traditional manufacture stemming from the cottage industry in the 1980s. Each MeL's product has been created by working hard, step by step. The company distributes products in its own chain of stores, but it also supplies hotels, cruise ships, restaurants, etc. Characteristics, structure and design of our products meet the world's rigorous criteria as they result originally from the mix of tradition, development and research work, as well as from innovation; this is the reason our products are proud holders of the titles "Croatian Quality" and "Croatian Creation". Our mission is to create high-quality products which will provide great pleasure to our customers and ensure their confidence in us and our products.

Through more than 30 years of dedicated work, MeL tended to reach higher levels and to perfect its products with the aim of making them top-delicacies whose quality, excellence and taste can justify the name "Dalmatian delicacy" on the menus all over Croatia and all over the world. Even today we tend to discover new areas and broaden our knowledge. We explore new ways and possibilities of making our products better by investing in innovations and research work.
As a confirmation of our high-quality work, we have won a number of prizes on many national, as well as international fairs.

Production facilities in Hrvace, Sinj

Champion of International Festival of Prosciutto in Tinjan, Istrian peninsula, Croatia


Vukasoviceva 5, Split
TEL: +385 21 661 262
TEL/FAX: +385 21 829 469


Klapa Sinj, male singing choir singing traditional Croatiana songs, in Washington in 2005 with Nenad Bach. On that occasion they had
a concert in the Kennedy Center among others. Mr. Jakov Lovrić, sponsor of the klapa, standing on the left.

Nenad Bach and Jakov Lovrić, director of Mel Lovrić. Photo by Nenad Bach in Hotel Dubrovnik in Zagreb 2008.

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