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Participants of the Croatian World Games in the Zagreb Cathedral and at Jelacic Square 2014
By Nenad N. Bach and Darko Žubrinić
Published on 07/22/2014
About 750 young Croatians from 25 countries, accompanied by their relatives and friends, attended the solemn Holy Mass at the Zagreb Cathedral, delivered by Bishop Mijo Gorski. It was an unusual and exceptionally pleasant scenery, with so many enthusiastic young people in their colorful costumes, decorated with various insignia representing Croatia and the countries of their residence. After Mass a cultural program ensued with the official opening of the Third Croatian World Games. The aim of these Games is to connect Croatian people by means of sports. The event was started by the Croatian World Congress and is supported by Croatian institutions.

Fostering stronger ties among Croatians in the world and with the country of their predecessors
Photo Gallery, Zagreb 21st July 2014

Croatians from Angola and Germany in the Zagreb Cathedral

Croatians from Argentina

Croatians from Australia

Bishop Mijo Gorski

Croatians from Austria

Croatians from Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Croatians are one of three constitutive nations in this country.

Croatians from Bolivia also attended the mass.

Croatians from Canada

Croatians from Chile

Croatians from Chile with Chilean national flag.

Croatians from Germany in the Zagreb Cathedral under the portrait of St. Leopold Bogdan Mandić,
a famous Croatian saint from Boka kotorska.

Young Croatians from all over the world under the grand inscription
carved in the exotic Croatian Glagolitic Script.

Croatians from Italy. On the south of Italy there are Croatian sttelements from the 15/16th centuries.

Janjevo Croatians from Kosovo.

Croatians from Kosovo, from the village of Janjevo, live there since 1303.

Croatians from the Netherlands.

At the Jelačić square near the Zagreb Cathedral.

Croatians from the Netherlands, directing towards the Jelačić square.

Croatians from Romania.

Croatians in Slovenia and Serbia.

Photo from the State Office for Croats Abroad

Croatians from Switzerland?

Yes, from Switzerland.

Miren Ivankovic, professor of economics and finance, representative of Croatians from the USA.

The voice recording starts from 6:00.

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