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Freedom from Despair available for purchase on DVD and VHS
By Brenda Brkusic | Published  12/4/2007 | Culture And Arts | Unrated
A must see film - support Croatian talent!
Freedom from Despair available for purchase on DVD and VHS

Brenda Brkusic's award winning PBS TV documentary Freedom from Despair is now available for purchase on VHS and DVD. This special edition of the film includes ten minutes of bonus material not seen in the television broadcast.

Click here to purchase online or call PBS TV to order by phone (orders through PBS can be shipped within the US only) 888-246-4585 or 888-246-4583 or call Istina Productions to order by phone (orders through Istina Productions can be shipped internationally) (001) 310-541-0400

This film makes a wonderful gift for family and friends. Preserve Croatian history by having this film in your home and passing it on to future generations. Starring Michael York, John Savage, Beata Pozniak and Dennis Kucinich. Music by Nenad Bach.

"Freedom from Despair is a powerful, moving film, documenting a much neglected piece of modern history - Croatia's struggle for independence from the repression of Tito's Yugoslavia and the brutality of the Balkan War. Brenda Brkusic has created a memorable portrait of a people, a culture, and one man's hard-fought journey to freedom." -David S. Ward, Academy Award Winning Filmmaker

"Brenda Brkusic's documentary is an example of sublime filmmaking that poignantly tells the story of one brave man and translates his experience into powerful and compelling statements about the human spirit, political agendas, and global responsibility. Amnesty International commends Brenda for this filmic achievement and we hope that she continues to bring socially conscious films to the attention of audiences around the world." -Bonnie Abaunza, Director of Artists for Amnesty International

"Brenda Brkusic is a young American filmmaker of Croatian decent who actually delved deep into the roots of the war in Croatia, unlike most foreign based directors who were lost in a myriad of ideological propaganda from all sides and left most things open ended and unanswered." -Voice of Croatia Radio Program

"An eye-opening documentary" -OC Weekly
"A brilliant film" -The Tolucan Times
"A moving account" -The Studio City Sun
"Shocking...Excpetionally well-crafted" -Bay Area News

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