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Igor Kovacevich at the Sundance Film Festival 2008 with "Downloading Nancy"
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  12/19/2007 | Events , Culture And Arts | Unrated
Great success

Igor Kovacevich

Amy Brenneman  and Igor Kovacevich on the last day of filming

I wanted to share with you a great news that the movie called "Downloading Nancy" that was produced by Igor Kovacevich along with his partner David Moore made it onto the Sundance Festival. It is in the main Dramatic Competition at Sundance Film Festival 2008 as the movie made it to one of only 16 slots in the Competition, out of thousands of films that were submitted. Of those of you who do not know how difficult that is, I am telling you... it is a major success.

Igor, you are a pride of Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina. You are amaizing. In one word BRAVO. Samo naprijed.

Nenad N. Bach

p.s. If you happened to go to the festival, check the schedule on, here below and/or

Igor Kovacevich with his producing partner David Moore

Downloading Nancy
Director: Johan Renck
Screenwriters: Pamela Cuming, Lee Ross
U.S.A., 2007, 96 min., color, 35mm

When Albert Stockwell (Rufus Sewell) comes home from work one day, he finds a note from his wife of 15 years, Nancy (Maria Bello), saying she has gone to see friends. It is a lie. After waiting several days, Albert realizes that his wife is missing. Nancy has met her salvation on the Internet in the form of Louis Farley (Jason Patric). Nancy and Louis, both wounded souls, take comfort in one another through e-mail, pictures, and promises of perverse sexual encounters. Nancy has finally found the one and only thing that can liberate her from the pain in her life. But will this couple be able to see it through to the end? Though disturbing and at times relentlessly raw, Downloading Nancy is stunningly executed; director Johan Renck forces the viewer to succumb to the darkness these characters face in the world-if not with empathy or sympathy, at least with understanding. His finely crafted narrative moves strategically through the plot points, relying heavily on a superb cast so talented that they leave indelible impressions in their wake. Watching Downloading Nancy is like prolonging the instanceif you even see it comingwhen the anticipation of extreme pain takes your breath away. - John Cooper

Producers: David Moore, Igor Kovacevich,
Ci: Christopher Doyle Ed: Johan Soderberg
Principal Cast: Maria Bello, Jason Patric, Rufus Sewell,
Amy Brenneman

Monday, January 21, 11:30 am
Racquet Club, Park City

Tuesday, January 22, 5:30 pm
Racquet Club, Park City

Wednesday, January 23, 8:30 am
Library Center Theatre, Park City

Thursday, January 24, 6:00 pm
Tower Theatre, SLC

Friday, January 25, 3:15 pm
Eccles Theatre, Park City

Schedule:  ( 7 Mb)

The vision and creativity of independent filmmakers can be seen through the Festival's diverse and highly anticipated competition of dramatic films. Representing unique perspectives and aesthetics, these 16 films signal the arrival of the newest voices and storytelling in American film.

Official Website:

Producer Igor Kovacevich and director Johan Renck

Igor Kovacevich - Producer, Director

Igor Kovacevich graduated in 1992 from the University of Sarajevo with a B.F.A. - Diploma in Film, Theatre and Comparative Literature. During high school and college, he worked at Television Sarajevo as first and second assistant director on several dramatic TV series and music video programs. He also worked as first assistant director on two European features.

In the summer of 1997 he completed a Masters of Fine Arts degree in Film Directing at Ohio University School of Film. Igor's short film "Drawing Lots" was awarded with the Independent Film Channel/IFFM '95 Student Award in New York and shown on Bravo and IFC cable channels in 1996. From 1996-1998 Igor directed and produced the independent feature film 1000 MILES FROM NOWHERE with 50-plus crewmembers and cast. He marketed, advertised and promoted the film in 6 international film festivals (such as IFP/IFFM in New York '98 and Sarajevo Film Festival '98). Worldwide distribution was handled by Phaedra Cinema.

Upon arrival to Los Angeles, Igor worked in a First Assistant Director, as well as Production Management capacity, on the few independent feature films.  From the fall of '99 Igor worked in the Academy Awards/Marketing office at Universal Pictures. From 2001 until the fall of 2002 he worked at Focus Features/Universal Acquisitions that covered feature acquisitions and development for Focus Features, Universal

Pictures and Universal Home Video both domestically and internationally. At the end of 2002 Igor joined Tule River Films. Igor co-produced feature film "Black Cloud" which is the directorial debut of Rick Schroder. The film stars music superstar Tim McGraw, Wayne Knight of "Seinfeld" and "Third Rock From the Sun", Peter Green from "Pulp Fiction", newcomer Eddie Spears in the lead role of Black Cloud, as well as Rick Schroder. "Black Cloud" was released theatrically in about 30 cities nationwide and New Line released it on DVD & Video in summer 2005.

In December 2007 Igor completed producing psychological thriller DOWNLOADING NANCY starring Maria Bello, Jason Patric, Rufus Sewell and Amy Brenneman.  The foreign sales are being handled by Wild Bunch. The film is directed by Swedish director Johan Renck, one of the world's most famous and accomplished video and commercial directors (Madonna, Kylie Minogue, Beyonce, Levi's, Nike, etc.) and was shot by Christopher Doyle (Lady In the Water, The Quiet American, In the Mood for Love, etc.). The movie will have its world premiere in the main Dramatic Competition at the Sundance Film Festival on January 21, 2008 at 11:30 am in the Racquet Club, Park City, Utah, as it beat out thousands of other feature entries to be in the competition at Sundance. Together with his producing partner David Moore, Igor is creatively shepherding and producing TRF's slate and discovering new, exciting projects.  Igor is developing and maintaining relationships with writers, directors, talent on both the independent and studio side, as well as with the leading agencies and management companies. Also he is successfully furthering the cooperation and relationships with distributors, foreign sales companies both domestically and internationally, and with various film investment entities.

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