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Miro Gavran's premieres in the Czech Republic, Japan and Romania
By Prof.Dr. Darko Zubrinic | Published  12/9/2009 | Culture And Arts , Bilingual | Unrated
Three foreign premieres in just five days in three different countries

Miro Gavran's plays have been translated from Croatian into more than 30 languages, including Chinese and Japanese.

Miro Gavran: How We Broke Our Legs, published in Chinese in 2009.
Many thanks to Mr. Gavran for the photo.


Hrvatskog književnik Miro Gavran imat će tri strane premijere u samo pet dana, u tri različite zemlje.

Komedija "Muž moje žene" bit će premijerno izvedena 13. prosinca u Slezskom Divadlu Opava u gradu Opava u Češkoj.

Prijevod na češki  je načinio Jiri Vobecky, dok je redatelj Blanka Fišerova.

U Tokiju će, u kazalištu IWATO, 16. prosinca, u organizaciji Japanskog centra ITI, i u prijevodu Ayako Funakawe, premijerno biti izvedena drama "Kako ubiti predsjednika". Redatelj je Yoshiko Nozaki.

Gavranovu dramu "Sve o ženama" premijerno će izvesti Teatro CLASIC IOAN SLAVICI u gradu Aradu u Rumunjskoj, 18. prosinca. Prijevod na rumunjski načinio je Catalina Latu, dok je redatelj Felix Crainicu.

Kazališni tekstovi Mire Gavrana imali su do sada preko dvije stotine premijernih izvedbi širom svijeta, a njegove predstave je vidjelo više od dva milijuna gledatelja.

U proteklih dvadesetak godina Miro Gavran je najizvođeniji hrvatski dramatičar u zemlji i inozemstvu.


Croatian writer, Miro Gavran, will have three foreign premieres in just five days, in three different countries.

Gavran's comedy "My Wife's Husband" will be premiered on December 13 at the Slezska Divadlo Opava in the town of Opava in the Czech Republic.  The play has been translated into the Czech language by Jiri Vobecky, while the director   is Blanka Fišerova.

Gavran's drama "How To Kill the President" will be premiered in a stage reading on December 16, organised by the Japanese Centre of ITI, at the IWATO Theatre in Japan.  Ayako Funakawa has translated the play into Japanese, while the director of the reading is Yoshiko Nozaki.

"All About Women", Gavran's play, will have its first night at the CLASIC IOAN SLAVICI Theatre in the town or Arad in Romania on December 18.  Catalina Latu did the translation into Romanian, and Felix Crainicu is directing.

Miro Gavran's theatre texts have had more than two hundred first-night performances throughout the world, while his plays have been seen by more than two million theatre-goers. 

Miro Gavran has been the most highly performed Croatian dramatist over the last twenty years, both at home and abroad.   

Announcement of the Czech premiere of Miro Gavran's play My Wife's Husband (in Czech Muž mé ženy, the original Croatian title is Muž moje žene), see

How To Kill the President

THEME: Anti-globalisation, globalistion and the new anarchism
NUMBER OF CHARACTERS: 2 male, 2 female
NUMBER OF ACTS: 14 scenes
SETTING: A living-room
TIME: Beginning of the 21st century
WRITTEN IN: 2002/2003

This drama takes place in one of the European countries in transition. The hero is thirty-one year old Igor, who is against globalistion and is prepared to fight for a new world in any way he can. His brother Rober who is fourteen year older, struggled against Socialism when he was a young man, but has now become a conformist. Igor returns to his homeland with his fiancee, Maria. His brother Rober and Robert's wife Stell don't like Igor's radical viewpoints about globalisation and anti-globalisation because they fear he could threaten their careers and their family well-being. The play was premiered at the &TD theatre in Zagreb in 2004. It has been translated into English, Slovakian, Polish, German and French. It has been performed in 4 various theatres.

Full Text

Selected plays by Miro Gavran translated from Croatian into English

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