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 »  Home  »  Science  »  Branko Katalinic Croatian scientist directing DAAAM in Vienna for 20 years
Branko Katalinic Croatian scientist directing DAAAM in Vienna for 20 years
By Prof.Dr. Darko Zubrinic | Published  11/28/2009 | Events , Entertainment , Education , Science | Unrated
DAAAM - Danube Adria Association for Autmation & Manufacturing

Professor Branko Katalinić on the right conferring the Medal of the DAAAM International to Dr. Alexey Eliseev, distinguished Russian technical expert, sportsman and astronaut, during the DAAAM Conference held in Zadar, Croatia, in 2007.

Danube Adria Association for Autmation & Manufacturing

Branko Katalinić
his biography appearing at the AUTOMATIKA, Croatian Scientific journal, where Professor Katalinić is a member of editorial board

Branko Katalinić was born in 1952 at Starigrad Paklenica, situated at the coast at the entrance at the Paklenica National Park near the mountain of Velebit, in the Zadar County, Croatia. He  graduated in 1976 from the University of Zagreb, Faculty of Machine Engincering and Naval Architecture (FSB) where he was conferred a master's degree in 1970 and a doctor's degree in 1983, all this in the field of robotics. From 1976 to 1977 he was a chief engineer concerned with assemblying of thermal power plants in Kosovo and Macedonia. From 1977 to 1984 he was an assistant at FSB. In 1980-81 he specialized in robotics at the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden.

Since 1984 he has been working in Austria, first as a special machinery designer at Philips-Videowerk, followed by affiliation to the Viennese Technical University, Product Engineering Institute. As an outstanding scientist for his scientific results he received an honorary Austrian citizenship.

In the area of robotics and manufacturing technique a venia docendi was conferred on him in 1991 by the Viennese Technical University. In 1996 at the University of Zagreb he became the first full professor and a full professor of the JJ Strossmayer University of Osijek, as well as at the University of Rijeka. In addition, he is a permanent or temporary visiting professor at 16 foreign universities.

Professor Katalinic has been awarded two honorary doctorates in engineering sciences, also having been given different international prizes and awards by 11 countries.

He is the founder of the Department of Intelligent Manufacturing Systems at the Viennese Technical University's Product Engineering Institute. Also, he gave an initiative and founded the DAAAM International Vienna in 1990 and The University Network of DAAAM International Vienna.

Professor Katalinic is a member of the Danubian Rectors Conference Standing Committee, as well as the initiator and founder of the Engineering Sciences Board and coordinator of the cooperation between the Central European Engineering Faculties.

He has authored or co-authored four books, 8 lecture mimeographs, 4 book chapters and over 120 papers in journals and conference proceedings. Professor Katalinic is on the editorial boards of 7 journals and on the review boards of 13 journals.


The 2009 DAAAM Conference was organized in the prestigeous Austria Center in Vienna, just near the complex of United Nations in the city.

Here is the amblem of the DAAAM. The DAAAM association was founded by Professor Branko Katlinić in 1990 in Vienna. In 2009 the 20th conference has been especially solmenly organized, again under the direction of its founder.

At each conference this beautiful medal is conferred to most oustanding scientific contributions. The women with seagull in the middle is in fact the statue at Croatian coast, in the city of Opatija.

Till now the conference has been succesfully organized in Croatia four times, as shown by posters below.

We have to work against the tendency of animalization of people in the name of profit. The key problem of the modern world is misuse of technology combined with egoism.

Professor Branko Katalinić

The opening ceremony of the 2009 DAAAM Conference, organized at the Austrian Center in Vienna, has been accompanied by excellent group of classical musicians, see on the top. Professor Katalinić is sitting far right in the first row.

The 2009 DAAAM Conference  has been opened by Professor Branko Katalinić, its founder, in his 30min address. The presidency of the Conference is composed of distinguished specialists from various countries. The DAAAM Association is today spread in more than 50 countries.

Professor Branko Katalinić in his very interesting, witty and entertaining address said: DAAAM is not an international organization, it is a big family, united by friendship, understanding and tolerance. Besides his native Croatian, Dr. Katalinć speaks German, Russian, English, Czech and Polish.

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