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Japanese Ambassador in Croatia, H.E. Yoshio Tamura uses CroTram to go to work
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  11/19/2009 | Učimo od drugih - We learn from others , People | Unrated
We learn from others. Ucimo od drugih

Ambassador Yoshio Tamura uses a tramway in Zagreb, Croatia.

On July 15th 2009, while visiting Croatia, I had the privilege to meet the new Japanese Ambassador to Croatia, H.E. Yoshio Tamura. I wanted to meet him because I heard that Mr. Tamura sometimes uses public transportation to go to his office.

While I was waiting to meet the ambassador, I was reading magazines in the waiting room. Most of the magazines were printed on recycled paper, furthermore articles about Japanese companies and culture were very down to earth, discussing the present economic situation and not just public relations. With few photos, a lot of text written with substance and style, one can immediately sense the Japanese approach in general and culture.

It was a very friendly meeting with the traditional exchange of gifts. My impression was that H.E. Yoshio Tamura is very interested to learn about Croatian culture, history and contemporary life. Not just reading about it, but living it.

We as a new nation, but an old civilization, should look into other cultures as an inspiration in behavior. Japan, the third largest economy in the world, certainly gives us that opportunity. Are we capable of recognizing these values? That will remain to be seen.

Your Excellency Yoshio Tamura, WELCOME to Croatia! We are honored to have you in our country.

Nenad N. Bach

p.s. I have been living in New York for the last 25 years, where the United Nations headquarters is located, and my experience tells me that the ambassadors from the poorest countries in the world, drive the most expensive cars. This CROWN article is in the category "We learn from others".

Ivo Bach, H.E. Yoshio Tamura, Nenad Bach and prof. Marinela Aleksovski.

Japanese Embassy in Zagreb, Croatia. Photo by Ivo Bach

Prof. Marinela Aleksovski, Nenad Bach, H.E. Yoshio Tamura and Ivo Bach on July 15th 2009 drinking green tea at the Japanese Embassy in Zagreb.



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