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Nenad Bach - Editor in Chief

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» Regatta to the beach
By LivingStone Magazine | Published 10/5/2009 | LivingStone Magazine | Unrated
From his very beginnings, man has been competing with Nature, trying to become faster and stronger in conquering space and time, constantly stretching boundaries of his capabilities, putting before himself tougher and more difficult tasks, achieving better results and new records. There is one regatta in which all of these reasons and motives fall short. To be more exact, they fall into the sea.
» Pjaca
By LivingStone Magazine | Published 09/16/2009 | LivingStone Magazine | Unrated
Public square or Pjaca, Plokata, somewhere even Poljana, is the central part of the city, a place dedicated to the most significant city and municipal public events and activities, a place where everything that belongs to a city comes together. A square is actually a kind of a market for our natures.
» Interview: Gordana Brzović
By LivingStone Magazine | Published 09/1/2009 | LivingStone Magazine , Culture And Arts | Unrated
Somebody once said – a good product is a good product, whatever we might say about it. One such product is the show “Transfer” dedicated to culture, a different kind of culture, slightly off-center from the ordinary and spiced up with the right dose of critical consideration. We talked with Gordana Brzović, director and an editor.
» Željka Čorak - Warps of abidance in small things
By LivingStone Magazine | Published 08/13/2009 | LivingStone Magazine , People , Culture And Arts | Unrated
There is something amazing in Željka Čorak's need to handle the most relevant issues in Croatia at one point, and then, almost in the same sentence, to write about barely visible objects from her environment, things that help her work on the most important theme of her opus – the art of remembering.
» Fjaka - Between Times
By LivingStone Magazine | Published 08/6/2009 | LivingStone Magazine , Culture And Arts | Unrated
Fjaka If we were to attribute all our moods to the seasons, the fjaka, as a specific state of mind and body, could be said to be a conspicuous product of the summer, the result of its sweltering heat, and a general dissolution of body and spirit in the baleful high temperatures of the day, when we just don’t feel like doing anything.
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