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 »  Home  »  Sports  »  Sanja Jovanovic Croatian swimmer with a new world record in 2009
Sanja Jovanovic Croatian swimmer with a new world record in 2009
By Prof.Dr. Darko Zubrinic | Published  12/13/2009 | Awards , Sports | Unrated
Her fourth world record in swimming

Sanja Jovanović won her new gold medal at the European Swimming Championship held in Istanbul,  Turkey, December 12, 2009. And not only this, she broke the world record on 50 m backstroke, and her new world record is 25.70. This is her fourth world record in swimming at international competitions.

Gold medal and world record 50 m backstroke for Croatian swimmer Sanja Jovanović.

1. SANJA JOVANOVIĆ (CROATIA) 25.70 - world record
2. Aleksandra Herasimenija (Byelorussia) 26.12
3. Ksenija Moskvina (Russia) 26.38
4. Aleksandra Urbanczyk (Poland) 26.93
5. Fabienne Nadarajah (Austria) 27.10
6. Simona Baumrtova (Czech Republic) 27.12
7. Laura Letrari (Italia) 27.13
8. Mercedes Peris Minguet (Spain) 27.14
9. Elena Gemo (Italia) 27.18
10. Marija Gromova (Russia) 27.38

Sanja was 12 hundredths of the second faster than Chinese swimmer Jing Zhao, who was the world record holder for only one month.

The preceding day, December 12, 2009, she won silver medal in the 100m backstroke finals at the European Short Course Swimming Championships in Istanbul.

Croatian swimmer Duje Draganja also had a great success by winnin silver medal 100 m mixed style. In 2008 he won the title of world champion on 50m freestyle in Manchester.

Sanja Jovanovic's preceding world record won at the 2009 European Swimming Championship in Rijeka, Croatia

Duje Draganja in Manchester 2008: world record 50 m freestyle

Sanja Jovanović on the left with her silver medal 100 m backstroke won at the 2009 European Championship in Turkey.

Formated for CROWN by prof.dr. Darko Žubrinić
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