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Tina Mihelic from Split Croatia is the 2013 Radial Laser World Sailing Champion
By Darko Žubrinić | Published  10/28/2013 | Sports , People , Education | Unrated
A great moment for Croatian sports

Tina Mihelić, Split, Croatia, world champion in Laser Radial sailing in Rizhao, China, 2013

Tina Mihelić, Split, Croatia

Gold medal for Croatia in China 2013.

Tina Mihelić won the first place in China, a girl from Finland the second, and a girl from the USA the third...

Split has a new sporting star. Member of Split YC Labud (i.e., Swan) Tina Mihelić has just won a gold medal at the World Championship in Olympic sailing single, or female laser radial class! This is really a historic success, since Tina becomes the first Croatian female Olympic class sailor to win the World Championship.

Tina achieved this success in Rizhao, China, and on the penultimate day of the competition she had an eleven point lead. In the two last races she kept that advantage with seventh and third place, and won the overall title.

Tina Mihelić is 25 years old, and even before this she had some significant successes. She won European gold in 2009 and 2010, and silver in 2011. Also, she is the first Croatian female sailor to compete at th Olympic Games, in London in 2012.

Her YC Labud will greet her as a world champion at Wednesday at 8 pm. The party will take place in their marina next to ACI marina in Split city port 



Source of the photos YC Labud (i.e., Swan) from the city of Split, Croatia

Tina Mihelić, winner of the gold medal, with a girl from Finland (silver medal) and from the USA (bronze medal)

Tina Mihelić sailing near the city of Split, Croatia

Tina Mihelić opening an official football game on the Hajduk football stadium in the city of Split. Photo by Miro Gabela.

Tina Mihelić received ovations on the Split football stadium. Photo by Miro Gabela.

Tina Mihelić in Split, Croatia. Photo by Ivo Čagalj.

A member of the YC Labud (Swan) in the city of Split is also Ivan Kljaković Gašpić, distinguished Croatian sailor in the FINN category.

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