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Marijan Ožanić

Articles by this Author
» IN2 - the largest Croatian IT company founded by Ante Mandic
By Marijan Ožanić | Published 10/30/2013 | People , Education , Companies , Business | Unrated
Mr. Ante Mandić and his IN2 Group’s IT solutions have received worldwide acknowledgments, and their software solutions have won the highest recognitions. In London, March 13 2013, IN2 Group won a prestigious annual European IT & Software Excellence Award for its software products in the category Government Solution of the Year. In Houston, Texas, in July 2013, IN2 Group won the world Microsoft Partner of the Year Award in the category of Public Sector Partner of the Year – Public Safety/National Security, which Microsoft Corp. grants every year in various categories.
» How can Croatian science help Croatia to overcome the crisis?
By Marijan Ožanić | Published 05/16/2013 | Science , People , Education , Community , Business | Unrated
The Arguments radio show on Croatian Catholic Radio, directed by Marijan Ožanić,  discussed to what extent science in Croatia is connected with economy and whether science can help Croatia to overcome economic crisis. Zvonko Benčić and Igor Čatić (on the photo), professors at the University of Zagreb, were invited as competent experts from the field of engineering sciences, who can tell us a lot about it because they have spent their entire working life connected with economy.
» Croatian entrepreneurs Ivan Matuna, Danijel Babić, Marjan Novak, and Antun Horvat
By Marijan Ožanić | Published 04/16/2013 | Education , Business | Unrated
Once a month, Croatian Catholic Radio broadcasts a live radio show directed by Mr. Marijan Ožanić, devoted to Croatian etrepreneurs. His guests Ivan Matuna (MATUNA Ltd) Danijel Babić (BYTE-LAB Ltd), Marjan Novak (MANOX Ltd), and Antun Horvat (DOHOMONT Ltd). The first two are both under 30 years old. Mr. Antun Horvat on the photo is one of the most respectable Croatian entrepreneurs. In 1989 he founded his company DOHOMONT Ltd, and it currently employs 250 people. The majority of their products are exported.
» Goran Oreskovic founder and owner of VESKI Ltd. Croatian export and knowledge based company
By Marijan Ožanić | Published 02/5/2013 | People , Education , Companies , Business | Unrated
Mr Goran Orešković is a mechanical engineer and a mathematician, an entrepreneur and our greatest expert in machine vibrations. He is the founder and owner of VESKI Ltd. (, and a man who has spent his whole career in developing the most complex products in the field of high technologies. The fact that VESKI Ltd. exports its products even to Australia is one the greatest confirmations of its success. In addition, its products have been awarded with numerous international and Croatian prizes for innovations and scientific contributions.
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