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 »  Home  »  Education  »  Phil Boskovich, King of Onions, descendant of Croatian immigrants, dies in 2013 at the age of 97
 »  Home  »  Croatian Life Stories  »  Phil Boskovich, King of Onions, descendant of Croatian immigrants, dies in 2013 at the age of 97
 »  Home  »  Croatian Cuisine  »  Phil Boskovich, King of Onions, descendant of Croatian immigrants, dies in 2013 at the age of 97
 »  Home  »  Business  »  Phil Boskovich, King of Onions, descendant of Croatian immigrants, dies in 2013 at the age of 97
Phil Boskovich, King of Onions, descendant of Croatian immigrants, dies in 2013 at the age of 97
By Darko Žubrinić | Published  10/5/2013 | People , Education , Croatian Life Stories , Croatian Cuisine , Business | Unrated
Phil and Joe Boskovich born to Croatian immigrants to the USA

Company co-founder Phil Boskovich dies

Andy Nelson

Phil Boskovich, a co-founder of Oxnard, Calif.-based Boskovich Farms Inc., died Sept. 30 at his home in Westlake Village, Calif. He was 97.

Phil Boskovich 1915-2013

Boskovich was born in Los Angeles in 1915 to Croatian immigrants. After graduating from North Hollywood High School in 1933, he joined his father, Stjepan, on the family’s small farm, according to a release from the company.

He later grew green onions and carrots in the San Fernando Valley, and when his brothers John and George returned from World War II, the three formed Boskovich Bros. Produce.

In 1963, the brothers moved their farming operation to the Santa Clarity Valley, where they grew green onions on 145 acres. In the 1970s, Phil’s sons Phil Jr. and Joe and his nephew George Jr. joined the company, which was renamed Boskovich Farms.

The company later expanded into Riverside and Ventura counties.

Boskovich retired as chairman in 1996.

Today, Boskovich Farms grows produce on more than 15,000 acres in California and Mexico and employs more than 500 people in Ventura County.

Boskovich is survived by his wife, Lena; sons Phil Jr. and Joe; daughter Janine Colich; 13 grandchildren and three great grandchildren.

Services are scheduled for 1:30 p.m. Oct. 11 at the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels, followed by a celebration of life at St. Anthony’s Croatian Catholic Church Parish Center, both in Los Angeles.


We express our gratitude to Mr. Vladimir Novak, Croatia / USA, for his information about the death of Mr. Phil Boskovich, who he used to know in person. Also, it was from Mr. Novak that we learned that the members of the Boskovich family were nicknamed The Kings of Onions.

Barbeque onions produced by Boskovich Farms

Boskovich Farms - A Brief History

1915: Stephen Boskovich began farming in Southern California's San Fernando Valley, and he sold his crops at the Los Angeles Wholesale Market. He and his wife, Eva had five children that all grew up helping out on the home ranch.

1940's: Two of Stephen's sons, John and George, returned home from World War II and began working for their brother Phillip, who had been growing green onions and carrots on 7 acres of land. Eventually, the three brothers formed Boskovich Brothers Produce Growers.

1960's: The Boskovich brothers moved their farming operation to Newhall/Saugus, California, growing green onions exclusively on a 145 acre ranch owned by Newhall Land and Farming Co. The brothers developed a steady and profitable business delivering to Los Angeles-based customers.

1970's: Three of Stephen's grandsons: George, Jr., Philip, Jr. and Joe, joined the family business, became partners, and formed Boskovich Farms, Inc. After growing green onions for 25 years, economic reasons dictated that they should expand the family business. The company planned a combination of mixed vegetables which they believed fit well with green onions and were mutually compatible for loading and shipping. These crops included: radishes, parsley, cilantro, kale, table beets, and leeks.

1980's: The consolidation for products and steady supplies available year-round attracted many new customers, and the continuing success encouraged the family to broaden its product line even more. By the mid 1980's, Boskovich Farms was producing over 30 different vegetable crops, twelve months of the year, from four locations in California, Arizona and Mexico.

1990's: The fresh produce industry was rapidly changing, as technology allowed better results with fresh-cut vegetables. In response, the company purchased an established fresh-cut processing facility, which became Boskovich Fresh-Cut. This processing division enabled the company to provide top quality value-added products for retail and foodservice, and has become the company's most rapidly growing product line.

2004: The company consolidates its headquarters and fresh-cut facility into one location at 711 Diaz Ave., in Oxnard and builds a new processing facility to accommodate fresh-cut product growth. The move allows loading both commodity and fresh-cut products at one location.


John Leo Boskovich

Oxnard, CA; September 22, 2010:  It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of John Leo Boskovich, former Vice President of Boskovich Farms.  John died September 7th at the age of 84 after a brief period of declining health.

John, along with his brothers Phil and George, helped found Boskovich Brothers Farms, which later became Boskovich Farms.  He followed in the footsteps of his father, Stephen Boskovich, a  Croatian immigrant who was one of the early farmers to work the San Fernando Valley.  After serving in the U.S. Navy during World War II, John returned home to the San Fernando Valley and joined his brothers growing green onions and selling them throughout Southern California and later, North America.

John was also known for his fundraising efforts for the USC Marching Band, where “Bosko’s Barbeque” became a regular fixture at USC Football games, serving as tailgate party for upwards of 700 people and all proceeds going to the band.

John is survived by his brother Philip, many nieces, nephews, extended family, and close friends.




Their humble beginning was in 1915 when a Croatian immigrant, Steve Boskovich, father of Philip Boskovich, began bean farming on five acres in North Hollywood, California. That five acres has grown to 12,000 acres producing over 17,000 acres of crops annually. That's a lot of food put on tables in America, Europe and the Orient. Boskovich Farms inc. has over 100,000 square feet of refrigerated storage located in the three shipping points. Boskovich Farms Inc. sells: green onions, celery, strawberries, iceberg, romaine, green and red leaf lettuce, broccoli, spinach, kale, cilantro, cauliflower, radishes, parsley, leek, bunch, carrots, Boston, endive, escarole, Napa, bok choy, bunch beans, cabbage and chard. Boskovich Farms Inc. is growing, packing and shipping from five districts to assure consistent high quality and dependable supplies of their entire mixed vegetable line 365 days a year. Since 1915, one of the Boskovich family has checked every step involved in the production, harvest and distribution of every product this family sells. Steve came from Mostar area and Dedo from Cvinici Stolac, Hercegovina. Steve and Baba were the first couple to be married in St. Anthony's Croatian Church on Jan. 1, 1911. Philip was born Oct. 2, 1915 on Yale Street, around the corner from St. Anthony's where he was later baptized.  The Boskovich family moved to the San Fernando Valley in 1915.  After World War II his two brothers joined him in the farming operation, and they became "Boskovich Bros." Upon graduating from the University of Southern California, his two sons, Philip and Joe, joined the business along with nephew George. The farming operation then became Boskovich Farms, Inc., and is now one of the largest produce growers in North America.


It’s tough to grow green onions in a downpour, but impossible when the acreage turns into cityscape. But for now, Boskovich Farms holds title as the nations largest green onion grower.  The family, now supervising 1000 leased acres from headquarters alongside the Valencia Industrial Center, estimates that increasing urbanization could yank its final crop within 5 to 10 years. “We definitely want to stay in this business,” vows Joe Boskovich, speaking as the family’s third generation.  Their resources were tested this winter; the monsoon-like rains bought “tremendous losses” when many of the radishes and green onions, which are grown and packed locally year-round wither rotted or lost their topsoil. The rains interrupted this area’s salubrious reputation as an ideal cradle for both products.  Light frost allows for a winter crop, while the summer’s warm days and moderate nights add to the bounty. The constant harvest finally has resumed its routine; the three sons and three grandsons of the late Steve Boskovich now oversee an expected annual yield of two million boxes of green onions and half that many radishes. A box of either product contains 48 bunches.  They supply 13 major supermarket chains in the state, using a family-owned fleet of six giant trucks.  The daily order placed by Alpha Beta stores, for 1000 cartons of onions and 500 of radishes, represents one truckload. Joe Boskovich, sales manager, is one of the founder’s three grandsons in the business.  The trio- completed by Phil Jr. and George Jr.- hasn’t yet cracked the age barrier of 30.  Joe and Phil’s father, Phil Senior, is president of the corporation; his brothers, George and John are vice presidents. Their enterprise goes back to 1915, when Steve Boskovich, a young immigrant from Croatia  planted his first crops in what was to become North Hollywood. The operation remained small in its first location, growing its onions and radishes for the Los Angeles market.  Boskovich, who died two years ago at 88, moved his business to the Santa Clarita Valley in 1955.  Volume began blossoming in the mid-1960s. The “Onion King” brand now sells well on the East Coast and in Canada.  The “Radish King” companion also is distributed form a loading dock and warehouse in Salinas, where the family is competing with Northern California growers. An increase in volume was required by the decrease in per-unit profit, Joe said.  The retail price of a bunch of radishes or green onions has increased about a penny for each of the past five years, far more slowly that the prices of lettuce or tomatoes. The green onions and red radishes, Boskovich said,  are specialty items which lack the constant demand of lettuce, and therefore keep a deflated price. But they provide steady employment for some 500 people on Boskovich Farms, which obtains yearly leases from Newhall Land and Farming Company.  The area’s other prominant tenant farmers, Tapia Brothers corn and BunnyLuv carrots, rotate their fields with Boskovich. The farm constantly is looking for new crops, Joe said.  Parsley, leeks and turnips will be grown as a winter addition this year. New Boskovich employees often decide whether to take packing shed of field work.  The packing shed workers, who are paid hourly, wash the onions and radishes, and pack them in corrugated boxes with ice.

BOSKOVICH, JOSEPH Farms and Produce

Joseph M. Boskovich is Chief Executive Officer of Boskovich Farms Inc., one of North America’s largest gorwers and shippers of fresh produce. As CEO of the Oxnard-based Boskovich Farms Inc., Boskovich oversees a vertically integrated company with farming, sales and shipping operations in Salinas, California, Yuma, Arizona and Sonora and Baja, Mexico.  Founded in 1915 on five acres of land in North Hollywood, the company, still family owned and operated, produces more than 30 varieties of various vegetables and strawberries from more than 17,000 acres of crops annually. Joseph Boskovich is chairman of the board of the Grower Shipper Association of Central California and a board member of the United Fresh Fruit and Vetetables Association. He is past chairman of the Venura County Agricultural Association and a former member of the board of directors of the Fresh Produce Council, the Santa Clara National Bank and the Ventura County Council of the Boy Scouts of America. Joseph M. Boskovich, founder of Boskovich farms, Inc. since 1915, has been elected to the University of Southern California Board of Trustees. The Boskovich Family, being devoted Trojans, has given to numerous projects and programs at USC, including renovation of the Montgomery Ross Fisher Building and construction of the Marshall School’s Jane Hoffman and J. Kristoffer Popovich Hall, a three-story, 55,000 square-foot structure that will house the school’s graduate programs. Boskovich earned his B.S. and MBA degrees from the USC Marshall School of Business in 1975 and 1977, respectively.  His wife, Gail Ann Van Dyke Boskovich, earned her B.S. degree from the Marshall School in 1978.

Written by late Mr. Adam Eterovich Bracanin

Welcome to Boskovich Farms Inc. Careers!

Posting of Full-Time and Part-Time Job Openings.

June 6, 2013

IT - Desktop Support Role


    Provide support for technology related needs including desktop support issues, mobile issues, remote/traveling users' connectivity issues, security incidents, equipment installation, upgrades, and moves
    Provide timely responses to end user requests via phone, e-mail or in person
    Upgrade, repair and replace existing computer hardware and software
    Provision/remove desktop hardware and software, printers, faxes, PC and mobile phones for new and terminated users
    File Server connectivity for end users, with associated file permissions and drive mappings
    Set up and troubleshoot VPN access
    Mobile Devices support including Blackberry, iPad and iPhone
    Participate in architecting, implementing and managing desktop solutions
    Virus/Malware remediation and troubleshooting
    Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware support
    Work Full time Monday – Friday. On Call 24/7 Will need to work some weekends and Nights
    Includes other duties as assigned by supervisor


    Ability to troubleshoot standard software and hardware issues
    Ability to configure standard PC hardware components
    Expert level knowledge with MS Office Suite,  and other user software packages
    Solid understanding of TCP/ IP protocols and networking architectures
    Familiar with of Active Directory and Group Policies
    Ability to effectively prioritize tasks and perform well under pressure
    Excellent verbal and written communication skills, interpersonal skills, and the ability to work effectively with all organizational levels including executive leaders
    Strong analytical and problem-solving skills
    Self-motivated and well organized; Posses both the initiative to work individually and contribute appropriately to working as part of a team
    Must be able to remain calm in pressure situations and adapt quickly to change
    Strong customer service orientation
    Ability to adapt to changing assignments and multiple priorities


    1-2 years supporting desktop needs for all levels of end users in a professional environment providing superior service
    Experience working as a team member with minimal supervision
    Must have working knowledge of Windows XP, Vista, 7, & 8, Active Directory
    Position has potential for growth with additional responsibilities


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