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Radoslav Lorkovic Croatian-American pianist: Clear and Cold + Homer A Piano Odyssey
By Nenad N. Bach and Darko Žubrinić | Published  08/15/2013 | Music , Education | Unrated
Influences ranging from elegant classical and jazz styles to the rawest, most basic blues, country and soul...

Listen to selected tunes from Clear and Cold

We are glad to present to the readers of the CROWN the two recently published CD's by Radoslav Lorković, Croatian-American pianist, accordion player, singer and composer. Drawing from a multitude of influences ranging from elegant classical and jazz styles to the rawest, most basic blues, country and soul, Radoslav Lorković has taken on an unusually broad musical spectrum and refined it into his distinctive piano style. His grand-mother, Melita Lorković, was a famous Croatian classical pianist. She made audience members want to learn piano chords because she played them so beautifully and her talent obviously runs in the family.

Radoslav Lorković’s first album, Clear and Cold, has been out of print but we are happy to announce that it is has been rereleased! The album has been digitally remastered by John Silva at Cedar Creek Recording in Austin, TX and the CD packaging has been completely redesigned by Bryan Peterson, who also designed Wastelands and Casinos and High And Dry.

Clear and Cold was originally recorded in St. Paul MN in 1990, with guest performances by Bo Ramsey and Greg Brown. Tom Mobbs of Dirty Linen commented: “The vocals are soulful and heartfelt; his vocal style struck me as a mix of Greg Brown and Arlo Guthrie.”


Listen to selected tunes from Homer: A Piano Odissey

Well, it’s here. A new new CD. I honestly cannot get past the cover. I can’t stop looking at it. The design was done by the incomparable Bryan Peterson. If they had a album cover Olympics he would be swimming in gold medals. This a live recording. I’ve been waiting for this one a long time. I have stacks of discs sent to me by sound engineers. Most are quite good. Something just falls short… Upon entering the stunningly beautiful Center for the Arts in Homer NY, I knew, then, something was different.

I immediately started snapping photos knowing the evening could lead to “the one” live recording. Then I sat at the piano, The amazingly colored stained glass reflected on its finish. I did my usual warm up of bits featuring snippets of Mozart and Bach (clams and all) and an occasional blues riff utilized in a “kick the tires” sort of way. I noticed a gentleman was already recording me. Ray Ackerman had placed mics strategically around the piano and the vocal mic was placed perfectly in advance. He quietly dialed levels as I happily played. The extraordinary concert grand piano resonated in a manner suggesting the concert hall had been acoustically engineered around it.

At this point I knew this would lead to the live recording I had hoped for for years.

And it is finished. I picked the obvious classical theme. “Homer: a Piano Odyssey.” I am quickly scrambling now to live up to such a title. I am halfway through reading James Joyce’s “Ulysses.” I plan to follow with Homers original epic. I may not go as far as learning Classical Greek. During the show, in the midst of the many strange tales I weave, I mistakenly referred to “Jason and the Argonauts.” Then I launched into a song. A classical lit buff at this point will be thinking: “What a moron!” I catch my errant ways immediately following the song and make good humorous hay of it while getting a sigh of relief from my remarkably educated audience. I asked: what was the objective of the Odyssey. Someone shouts out: “To come home!” “Home to Homer! I get it!” I said.

This recording successfully accomplishes the odyssey I have set out on far more than 20 years ago. It truly captures what I do. I play piano, accordion, sing, write songs, tell tales but most importantly: during every performance, I take my audience on a musical and verbal adventure. Enjoy my personal 35 year musical odyssey captured in a seventy minute performance. 


Odetta accompanied on the piano by Radoslav Lorković

Formated for CROWN by Darko Žubrinić
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