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Croatia's Konzum grows domestically
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  06/28/2007 | Business , Media Watch | Unrated
Croatia's Konzum grows domestically
Europe's top 30 grow share

Europe's top grocery retailers are continuing to take market share, according to Planet Retail's latest report, reports Fiona Briggs

The research company's Top 30 Grocery Rankings for Western & Central Europe reveals the leading 30 retailers now account for 59% of the total grocery sector, up 2% on 2005.

Their gains have been driven by market consolidation and growth in Central Europe where sales by the top 30 are up by 13%, as retailers forge stronger positions in countries such as the Czech Republic and Poland, and enter new markets such as Romania.

Among the top five, Metro, Schwarz and Tesco, enjoyed strong sales in the region, driven by new discount stores, acquisitions and non-food expansion.

"Consolidation continues in Europe as more financially adept retailers such as Metro and Tesco benefit from a fall out of weaker players who have failed to capture a leading market position," said Planet Retail analyst, Isabel Cavill.

Carrefour is still the leading retailer in the region with sales of more than e80bn in 2006. Metro Group, in second place, and Tesco, in third, have been able to consolidate market share in the region via organic and acquisitive growth. The German discounter Schwarz, which owns Lidl, also made significant gains last year with retail sales ahead by nearly 12% year-on-year. Currently ranked fifth, Schwarz is closing the gap on its German rival, Rewe, which is hanging on to fourth position in the league table.

Outside of the top five retailers, the Spanish grocer Mercadona turned in an impressive performance in 2006 becoming the largest retailer in Spain and number 25 in the overall rankings.

Planet Retail also acknowledges retailers outside of the top 30, which are gaining ground in domestic markets. They include Mercator in Slovenia and Konzum in Croatia.

Looking to the future, Planet Retail tips Tesco as one of the biggest winners in western and central Europe. It claims the retailer is poised to overtake Metro Group and close the gap on Carrefour by 2012, boosted by strong gains in the UK, Czech Republic and Ireland. The researchers also predict Sainsbury's currently ranked 13th, will strengthen its ranking in the next five years as a reflection of its bullish growth strategy in the UK.


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