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Special Deals for Australian Tourists to Croatia
By Nenad N. Bach
Published on 07/5/2007

Special Deals for Australian Tourists to Croatia
Greece and Mediterranean Travel Centre's Croatia Product Range.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Greece and Mediterranean Travel Centre's CEO, Halina Hussein is currently "road testing" and "sea testing" GMTC's Croatia cruise, island hopping and land product and is hoping to return in early July with some great special deals for agents and the public.

Croatia is one of the fastest growing destinations for Australian travellers visiting the Med with a tremendous range of land attractions, historical sites and the beauty of its 900 Adriatic Sea islands. As a non-Euro destination, prices are somewhat cheaper than many of its neighbouring countries representing great value for money.

GMTC's Croatia product includes:

* Croatia Island Hopping.
* Hotel packages in Dubrovnik and Split.
* Land Tours.
* Car Rental,
* Luxury Croatian Cruises including a Venice to Dubrovnik Cruise.
* Six separate Croatia Vintage boat cruises around the islands off the Dalmatian Coast.
* Short tours from Dubrovnik and Split

For bookings and details of Greece and Mediterranean Travel Centre's Croatia product check out the Mediterranean Brochure, call 1300 661 66 or explore the web site below.


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