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Svyetlana Olegovna Vyalova

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» Dr. Svyetlana Vyalova Russian expert in Croatian Glagolitic Script writes about the Bercic Collection
By Svyetlana Olegovna Vyalova | Published 02/23/2014 | Croatian Language , Science , People , Education , Culture And Arts | Unrated
Svyetlana Olegovna Vyalova is distinguished expert in Croatian Glagolitic Script, working in the Russian National Library in St. Petersburg, which the Russians claim to be the largest in the world. The library is in possession of the Berčić Collection, which is the largest collection of Croatian Glagolitic manuscripts and books kept outside of Croatia, purchased by the Russian Imperial Academz already in 1865. It contains 228 items, and among them is extremely rare 1483 Croatian Glagolitic incunabulum, which is considered as one of the greatest valuables of the Library. According to her own words, Dr. Vyalova dedicated her best scientific years to the research of the Croatian Glagolitic heritage.
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