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Klapa Dipet wins first place at festival for choral singing in Verona
By Dr. Jasna Jancic | Published  05/1/2007 | Awards , Culture And Arts | Unrated
Croatian Klapa Groups Win Big at Festival - Golden Dipet and Braciera
Croatian Klapas returned from Verona with valuable prizes

Cheerful members of Dipet and Braciera with the winners cup as the best in their category.

Above all competitors from all categories klapa Dipet had the most higer grades and female klapa Volosko won the silver cup. During the festival of klapas in Verona, Concorso Internazionale di canto corale that had finished in Saturday, Croatian klapas achieved a lot of success, again. As a reminder-klapas Cambi, Cesarice, Subrenum, Kumpanji, Sinj... were the winners over the last years. This year klapa Dipet from Zagreb won a golden cup and was the first in categorie female folk group (It can be more ansambles with the golden price so it does not neccessarilly mean the first position). From all competitors among all categories only klapa Dipet had the highest grades. Never the less, it does not mean that they are absolute winners of the festival because of the situation that klapas cannot be compared and compete with choruses that contain 80 people which were also performing in Verona. Even though, it is not without significance that their performance was valued with the highest result. Klapa Braciera from Bol on ireland Bra won a golden price also and was the first in it's own categorie of male folk group. Female klapa Volosko won the silver cup. For about 40 anssambles from USA, Canada, Germany, Ireland, Switzerland, Belgium, Holland, Great Britain and Italy performed in varieties of male, female and mixed categories in folk or classical music. At the end of the festival all anssambles entered the magnific Verona's arena where they all together sang Verdi's "Va pensiero". Our klapas were very entertaining and popular among other anssambles. They are treated in Verona with great respect and because of that the official language in festival behind English, German, French and Italian is also Croatian.

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