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Croatian Coats of Arms in 17th and 18th centuries
By Darko Žubrinić | Published  03/4/2013 | Education , Culture And Arts | Unrated
In Croatia, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Italy, the Netherlands; part 1

Croatian coat of arms rom the book by Mavro Orbini: Il regno de gli Slavi, Pesaro 1601


Dubrovnik galleon with Croatian coat of arms
From the book by Bartolomeo Crescentio: La nautica Mediterranea, 1602, Rome
Dubrovnik galleon with Croatian coat of arms
(see [Eterovic, Croatian Popes and Saints, p12])


Epitaph of Croatian ban Toma Erdedi (1558-1624) in the Zagreb Cathedral,
with Croatian coat of arms (Regnum Sclavoniae, Croatiae, Dalmatiae):

Erdedi is important for organizing and participating in
the 1593 battle near Sisak against the Turks. The victory echoed in the whole of Europe.


Chest of privileges of the Kingdom of Dalmatia, Croatia and Slavonia, with Croatian legal documents, 1643
kept in the Croatian State Archives


Marko Marulic
's Evangelistarium published in Spanish in Madrid in 1655. Note Croatian Coat of Arms in the middle. Photo exhibited by The Split Literary Circle.

A part of the map of Illyrian provinces (roughly Croatia + Bosnia and Herzegovina) which had the privilege to use St. Jerome institutions in Rome, 1660.
(kept in Rome, in Papinski hrvatski zavod sv. Jeronima - Papal Croatian collegium of St. Jerome). See [Krasic, Počelo je u Rimu, p. 456].


photo from Croatian Historical Musem


The map is dedicated to Petar Zrinski, ban of Croatia. It was created at the workshop of Joannes Blaeu in Amsterdam as an addition to the work by Ivan Lucic, "De Regno Dalmatiae et Croatiae libri sex", Amsterdam, 1666. Blaeu had inserted the map in Atlas Maior in 1667, and dedicated it to the Croatian ban Petar Zrinski (bottom of the map, in the middle):

To the most illustrious and noble lord, Prince Peter of Zrin, the ban of the Kingdom of Dalmatia, Croatia and Slavonia, hereditary ban of the Littoral, hereditary captain of the Legrad fortress and Medimurje peninsula, master and hereditary prince of Lika, Odorje, Krbava, Omis, Klis, Skradin, Ostrovica, Bribir etc.., Master of Kostajnica and the sliver mine at Gvozdansko, councillor and chamberlain to his anointed imperial majesty, master Ioannes Blaeu dedicates this map.

The above text is from Croatian Historical Musem.

From the map of Illyricum in the book by Ivan Lucius Lucic:
De Regno Dalmatiae et Croatiae libri sex,
Amsterdam and Frankfurt, 1666

Shiled that Lovro Leder, nobleman from the Turopolje District, obtained in 1672.

Croatian Coat of Arms on the map of Croatia by Stjepan Glavac (Stephan M. Glavach), 1673
source [Novak et al, p. 108]


Fojnica Heraldry from 1675 (kept in Franciscan Monastery in Fojnica, Bosnia and Herzegovina)
the only collection of old coats of arms known in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Coat of Arms of Prince Zarko Drazojevic (1438-1508), from the Poljica Principality


Coat of Arms of Badovinac Vid, Zumberak, exhibited in the Museum of Zumberak in Stojdraga


Detail from a map of Croatia, with Croatian coat of arms,
from J.W. Valvazor: Die Ehre des Herzogturms Crain, IV, 1689


A detail from Coat of Arms of Pavao Ritter Vitezovic (1652- 1713), Croatian historian and writer.
More extensive biography is available in Croatian.


A detail from Ivan Einhart's painting "Croatian dignitaries at King Ladislav and the Queen", around 1690,
representing coat of arms of the Kingdom of Croatia, Slavonia (on the right) and Dalmatia (on the left).
Kept in the Zagreb City Museum.


Vienna (in Am Graben, not far from St. Stephen's Cathedral), Austria; Pestsäule (1693): Coat of Arms of Dalmatia, Croatia and Bosnia (Rama).
By the courtesy of Mr. Kristian Dumancic, Vienna.

Mr. Mijo Jurić by Croatian Coats of Arms in Am Graben in Vienna, Austria


Coat of Arms of the Brodaric family (a detail), Croatia, 1695, source [Molnar]


Croatian Coat of Arms on a map by Vicenzo Maria Coronelli, printed in Venice, 1697
source [Novak et al, p. 180]

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