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Croatian Academy of America celebrates its 60th anniversary in 2013
By Darko Žubrinić | Published  04/25/2013 | Croatian Language , Science , Events , Education , Culture And Arts | Unrated
Croatian Academy of America and its Journal of Croatian Studies

Croatian Academy of America

In 1953, a group of persons dedicated to promoting Croatian history, art and culture agreed that a formal organization needed to be established to introduce to an American and Canadian scholarly audience the importance of Croatia to civilization.  The Croatian Academy of America resulted from the work of these dedicated persons. The Academy’s Journal of Croatian Studies made its first appearance seven years later, in 1960, and has been publishing ever since, showcasing the articles of hundreds of prominent scholars from North America and Croatia.

THE CROATIAN ACADEMY OF AMERICA, Inc. is a nonprofit, educational organization, founded 1953 and incorporated in the State of New York on December 17, 1956. The certificate of incorporation was further amended in 1962.

The purpose for which the Academy is formed is:
  • To educate the members and public generally concerning Croatian literature, culture and history by sponsoring lectures on these subjects and by producing and causing to have published articles on these subjects in the organization’s journal.
  • To receive voluntary contributions from members and donors and gifts from benefactors to be used and applied for the aforesaid educational purposes.


Preamble to the Constitution of the Croatian Academy of America

Inspired by the persistent desire of the Croatian Nation for its proper dignity before all men, realizing that no People can make a responsible contribution towards a peaceful and democratic world without being freely self-determined i.e. endowed with the right to choose its own sovereign state, recollecting that Croatian liberty has been frustrated for centuries because of tyranny from without and within, conscious that the denial of freedom at home often requires the conservation of the national genius abroad, mindful that the friendly guardianship of the just aspirations of men has always been the keynote of American hospitality, we herewith establish and constitute The Croatian Academy of America.

(Preamble to the Constitution of The Croatian Academy of America adopted April 19, 1953 in New York City).


Mr. John Kraljic, the current president of CAA.

The Members present elected the following officers for the Academy for the coming year: John P. Kraljic – President; Michael Young – Vice-President, Mladen Lolich – Executive Secretary, Emily Erceg – Treasurer, Dr. Maria Tuskan as Recorder and Suzanne Grimm – Committee of Control.

The members further agreed to unanimously re-elect the current members of the Executive Committee for an additional one year term.

The new officers of the Academy expressed much optimism concerning the Academy’s future and look forward to revitalizing the Academy’s work.


Journal published since 1960 is a scholarly publication dedicated exclusively to the Croatian history and culture. It covers the fields of history, economics, sociology, government and law, political science, philology, philosophy, literature, fine arts and music. It also pub1ishes documents of historical and cultural significance for American Croats and their descendants.

Subscribers to the Journal include all Ivy-League and numerous American, Canadian, European, and Austra1ian university and college libraries. In Croatia, Nacionalna i sveucilisna knjiznica and the Library of HAZU,  Hrvatska akademija znanosti i umjetnosti in Zagreb. The Journal is being sent on publications exchange arrangements to several East-European countries, among them to the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Russia, Slovakia and Ukraine.

P.O. Box 1767, Grand Central Station, New York, NY 10163-1767



The Croatian Academy of America has issued 4 volumes of the Journal of Croatian Studies since July 2010.

Volume 44 contains the following articles: “William Feller (1906-1970): An Outstanding Croatian American Mathematician,” by Darko Žubrinć, “Three Alphabets Used in the Printing of Croatian Reformation Books in Germany,” by Vinko Grubišić, “Migration History of the Italo-Croatians of Molise to Western Australia,” by John Felix Clissa, “Brother’s Keeper: The Surveillance of American Croats by the Federal Bureau of Investigation During World War II,” by Jure Krišto, “Canadian Ethnic Studies (1969-2003) and Polyphony (1977-2000) as Sources for the Croatian Ethnocultural Community in Canada: An Annotated Index,” by Stan Granic, and “Forward to Krsto Hegedušić’s The Drava Valley Motifs,” by Miroslav Krleža (translated by Vladislav Beronja).  The Volume also contains book reviews of Josip Zoretić’s Goli Otok: Hell in the Adriatic (reviewed by Brian Gallagher), Vinko Brešić’s Kritike (reviewed by Vinko Grubišić) and reports on the Academy’s 49th Annual General Assembly and Fiftieth Anniversary Celebration as well as obituaries of departed Academy members Andrew F. Lovrich, Matthew Z. Markotić and Juraj (George) Šutija.

Volumes 45-46 and Volume 47 are the first two parts of a trilogy of issues related to the translations of Croatian Renaissance poetry, plays and prose, edited by guest editors Vladimir Bubrin and Vinko Grubišić.  The Volumes contain texts in their original Croatian with a translation into English and a modern Croatian language version.

Double Volumes 45-46 contain the texts of a selection of Croatian Renaissance plays by Marko Marulić, Mavro Vetranović, Džore Držić, Hanibal Lucić, Nikola Nalješković, Marin Držić and Martin Benetović.  The Volume contains a bio-bibliography of each of the playwrights.  The Volume also contains book reviews of Boris Senker’s Bard u Iliriji: Shakespeare u hrvatskom kazalištu and Slobodan P. Novak’s, Milutin Tatarin’s, Mirjana Mataija’s and Leo Rafolt’s Leksikon Marina Držića (both reviewed by Vinko Grubišić), Luko Pateljak’s Marin Držić, Dundo Maroje: U čast 500-godišnijicu rođenje Marina Držića and M.N. Drobysheva, Dalmatinsko-Dubrovnitskoe Vozrozhdenie: Tvorchestvo Marina Drzhicha (both reviewed by Vladimir Bubrin) and Bruno Šišić’s Dubrovnik Renaissance Gardens: Genesis and Design Characteristics (reviewed by Srebrena Bogović).

Volume 47 contains the texts of a selection of Croatian Renaissance poetry by Šiško Vlahović Menčetić, Džore Držić, Marko Marulić, Mavro Vetranović, Petar Hektorović, Hanibal Lucić, Antun Sasin, Nikola Dimitrović, Dinko Ranjina, Dominko Zlatarić, Barne Karnarutić, Juraj Baraković as well as a number of anonymous writers and two folk poems.  The Volume contains a bio-bibliography of each of the poets.  The Volume also contains book reviews of Bratislav Lučin’s The Marulić Reader (reviewed by Vinko Grubišić), John S. Miletich’s Love Lyric and Other Poems of the Croatian Renaissance: A Bilingual Anthology (reviewed by Vladimir Bubrin) and Slobodan Prosperov Novak’s Slaveni u Renesansi (reviewed by Vladimir Bubrin).


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