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Nenad Bach singing without his hat in 1978 in Croatia's capital Zagreb
By Darko Žubrinić
Published on 03/21/2013
Nenad Bach started his music career in the 1970s. One of his earliest registered appearances is from 1978, from Croati's capital Zagreb. He interpreted his song Nokturno with his band Vrijeme i Zemlja (Time and Earth) at the Zagreb Chanson 1978, playing piano. We also provide a few of his latest fantastic songs: I Will Follow You, Everything is Forever, Daughter's Eyes, All I Want Is Freedom, and Vukovar. His voice, and verses with soul, remained recognizable all the time.

Nenad Bach's early songs from 1970s

Nenad Bach singing in Zagreb in 1978

Nenad Bach with Vrijeme i Zemlja at the Zagreb Chanson 1978 - Nokturno

VRIJEME I ZEMLJA - Tvoja majka sjajno kuha (1979); Nenad Bach on the right

VRIJEME I ZEMLJA - Kako da ti priđem (Vesna) 1980

And Nenad Bach thirty years later:

Nenad Bach singing in Croatia's capital Zagreb, his native city, 30 November 2012.

Nenad Bach Band: Nenad Bach, Al Orlo, Michael O'Keefe, Richard Lindsey, and Joe DeSanctis

I Will Follow You


Jean Michel Nicolier, Siniša Glavašević, Vesna Bosanac, Blago Zadro

Can We Go Higher?
Nenad Bach Band & Radojka Šverko + Klapa Sinj
Concert Hall Vatroslav Lisinski, Zagreb, Croatia - 30 November 2012.


"Everything Is Forever" from the album Everything Is Forever. Directing, editing, camera by Zoran Orlic, concept by Nenad Bach.
Performed by Nenad Bach Band. Produced by Zero Studio and Nenad Bach Music Ltd. Filmed in Chicago, Illinois, USA.

Everything is Forever

Everything is forever
But nothing feels, nothing feels the same
Everything, just everything is for better
That's the only way I can explain

How many summers In front of us?
How many loved ones left behind?
How many cups of coffee in front of me?
How many friends..still alive?

Everything I want from you
Is everything I want from me
Everything I do for you,
Is so everything I do for myself

Winter comes and winter goes
Kingdoms rise and kingdoms fall
You and I like a living proof

Everything is forever
But nothing feels, nothing feels the same
Everything, just everything is for better
That's the only way I can explain

How many stories and how many glories?
How many children left in vain? Died in vain?
How many mothers and how many brothers?
How many friends...still alive?

Everything is forever, but nothing feels, nothing feels, nothing feels the same

Music and Lyrics by Nenad Bach 1995 Nenad Bach Music Ltd. BMI

Nenad Bach and Band - All I want is freedom - Zagreb 2012.
Nenad Bach - Lead vocal, piano, acoustic guitar
Joe DeSanctis - Keyboards, vocals, melodica, accordion
Richard Lindsey - Bass, vocals
Michael O'Keefe - Drums, vocals
Al Orlo - Guitar
Concert broadcast of Nenad Bach Band and friends
On November 30th, 2012, a concert to be remembered was held, and delighted audiences attending, in the Vatroslav Lisinski concert hall in Zagreb.

Respected Croatian musician and world promoter or Croatian culture, Nenad Bach and Friends, entertained us all with this charity concert for the abandoned children of Nazor street. They say Nenad is an artist with a Croatian soul and an American passport. Wearing his distinctive dark blue hat and shirt, which his mother sewed, his guitar on his shoulder and fingers glued on the piano keys, he portrayed a history of love and life between the U.S. and Croatia.
"For me, this concert at Lisinski Hall was a special experience. My American boys were thrilled with Croatia, their people and culture, and will certainly remember these three long days in Zagreb. I continue with my 'Rock With Soul' mission from this concert and a promotion of the album launch 'Everything Is Forever'. We were very grateful to the Croatian audience with such an emotional reception and hopefully will come back. The desire of everyone in the band is to perform the song, Vukovar Vukovar", said Nenad Bach, after the concert.

Director: Tvrtko Grgić
Editor: Lejdi Oreb
Copyright by Croatian Television


Nenad Bach: Daughter's Eyes


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