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Amigos del Museo KrekoviŠ, Palma de Mallorca, Spain
By Prof.Dr. Darko Zubrinic
Published on 01/5/2008
Amigos del Museo KrekoviŠ (Friends of KrekoviŠ's Gallery) is a society in Spain which in 2007 opened a nice blog devoted to life and work of Kristian KrekoviŠ, a famous Croatian painter. His gallery in Palma de Mallorca has been solemnly opened in 1981 by the Spanish Queen Sophia.

Queen Sophia of Spain, honorable president of KrekoviŠ's gallery

All the photos are from

Muchas Felicidades para todos

y que la paz que tratˇ de difundir Krekovic, sea una realidad!

It is our great pleasure to report that a society Amigos de Kristian KrekoviŠ, or Los Amigos del Museo KrekoviŠ, situated in Palma de Mallorca, Spain, has started a blogspot

which we warmly recommend you to visit. The blogspot exists since October 2007.

For a more detailed information dealing with Kristian KrekoviŠ, please, visit my web page:

Kristian KrekoviŠ (in Croatian and Spanish)

Museu KrekoviŠ is in possesion of many artefacts of old Peruvian civilisations, brought by the painter from Peru.

Visitors of KrekoviŠ's gallery in Palma, in one of its three halls. Each of them has 50 of his representative works of art.

The Museu KrekoviŠ (in Catalonian), or Museo KrekoviŠ (in Castellano) has been opened by Queen Sophia of Spain (on the left) in 1981. She was accompanied with several members of the Spanish Government. Kristian KrekoviŠ is on the right, and behind the Queen is Sina KrekoviŠ, painter's wife.

Kristian KrekoviŠ and his wife Sina greeting the Spanish Queen at the main entrance of the Gallery.

Sina KrekoviŠ describing to Queen Sophia many details about works of art of her husband. The painter is also listening carefully. Mrs Sina was outstanding polyglot. Althought born in Paris, and of Jewish origin, she spoke also Croatian perfectly, so that every Croatian visitor of the Gallery believed that she was Croatian.

Shining Kristian, and shining Sina, after many years of painstaking life.

Answering many questions of the Queen...

Kristian and Sina KrekoviŠ on the left and right on the photo, accompaning the Queen and a representative of the Spanish Government.

Probably the most famous KrekoviŠ's work of art, Exodus. Mr Arturo Lope y Lopez de Rego, president of the society Amigos del Museo Krekovic. Portrait of Mahatma Gandhi in red chalk, made in 1931during Gandhi's visit to KrekoviŠ's atelier in Paris, can be seen partly on the far right. I suppose that just on the right of the Exodus is KrekoviŠ's portrait of his mother.

A closer look at this fantastic and deeply humanistic work of art. In the Exodus from a burnt down village, all races are represented. On the right a Jew can be seen with his typical cap.

Then follow two familiar persons in Croatian national costumes: Sina and Kristian KrekoviŠ!

Another detail from KrekoviŠ's Exodus.

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Kristian KrekoviŠ (1901-1985), a famous Croatian painter

A group of visitors at the main entrance of Museo KrekoviŠ.

Peruvian art...

Museu KrekoviŠ, Palma de Mallorca, Spain


VISITE EL MUSEO K. KREKOVIC, no se va a arrepentir

Sugerir entre nuestro lectores y amigos que dediquen un dÝa, un sßbado quizßs a visitar el museo, puede parecer una redundancia.
Pero es importante que se destaque la importancia del hecho espiritual que implica, ya que, no solo tendrßn el placer estÚtico del material que allÝ se exhibe, no todo por desgracia, sino poder pensar mediante la observaciˇn de sus obras en el destino del hombre, de su meta, de con quiÚn alternaba Úste hombre, pensadores, como Gandhi, en suma tener una idea cabal de una personalidad, a partir de la cual se forja un verdadero arquetipo.

Por otra parte, un divertimento econˇmico, la entrada solo cuesta Euro 1,80.- y lo que se siente es tan importante, que el redito merece la pena. Solo el folleto vale la pena.

No lo olviden Ciudad de QuerÚtaro No 3, abierto de 9,30 a 13 y de 16 a 19 horas, de Lunes a Viernes y los sßbados, con el horario dela manana.

Si hay confusiˇn con el lugar, vean el planito del margen.
Los esperamos.

We repeat again, all the photos are also from this blog.

Kristian KrekoviŠ painting in Peruvian Andes in 1950s.

Kristian KrekoviŠ with Sina in his atelier in Paris in 1930s. In this atelier he portrayed among others Mahatma Gandhi. Nothing is known about the origin of their friendship.

Kristian and Sina in their atelier in Paris.

Another artefact brought from Peru by Kristian KrekoviŠ, a dress of interest for musicians.

The identity of Kristian KrekoviŠ has been expressed in his unique way during his stay Peru in 1950s. His coat of arms is composed of three parts: first comes centuries old Bosnian lily, then a very old Croatian coat of arms, and finaly coat of arms of Peru. He very often signed his works of art as pintor croata-peruano. Kristian KrekoviŠ obtained citizenship from the president of Peru in 1954, and was an honorary citzen of Cusco, a famous capital of the old Empire of Incas.

Authentic Peruvian art, an artefact brought by Kristian KrekoviŠ and exhibited in the Gallery.

A recent version of written guide through KrekoviŠ's Gallery.

KrekoviŠ's series of Golden Portraits (Els Retrats Daurats de Kristian KrekoviŠ) devoted to persons that substantially contributed with their donations to build the Gallery.

I want to express my sincere gratitude to Mr. Vladimir Novak, Zagreb, for his first information about Kristian KrekoviŠ in 2002. The result of this information is my web page devoted to the painter, and a series of public lectures about him (6 till now).

Some of KrekoviŠ's works of art are kept in Croatia (55 drawings, and the 80 oils donated posthumously in 1994 to Croatia by his wife Sina). See for example the photos of 32 of his oils from the 1994 donation, recently published on CROWN:

Kristian KrekoviŠ, part II, part III, part IV

within a story about NOPOKI University for Peruvian Indians. The University has been initiated in 2006 by Msgr. Gerardo «erdin, Croatian missionary in Peru.

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