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Amigos del Museo Kreković, Palma de Mallorca, Spain
By Prof.Dr. Darko Zubrinic | Published  01/5/2008 | People , Culture And Arts | Unrated
Queen Sophia of Spain, honorable president of Kreković's gallery

All the photos are from

Muchas Felicidades para todos

y que la paz que trató de difundir Krekovic, sea una realidad!

It is our great pleasure to report that a society Amigos de Kristian Kreković, or Los Amigos del Museo Kreković, situated in Palma de Mallorca, Spain, has started a blogspot

which we warmly recommend you to visit. The blogspot exists since October 2007.

For a more detailed information dealing with Kristian Kreković, please, visit my web page:

Kristian Kreković (in Croatian and Spanish)

Museu Kreković is in possesion of many artefacts of old Peruvian civilisations, brought by the painter from Peru.

Visitors of Kreković's gallery in Palma, in one of its three halls. Each of them has 50 of his representative works of art.

The Museu Kreković (in Catalonian), or Museo Kreković (in Castellano) has been opened by Queen Sophia of Spain (on the left) in 1981. She was accompanied with several members of the Spanish Government. Kristian Kreković is on the right, and behind the Queen is Sina Kreković, painter's wife.

Kristian Kreković and his wife Sina greeting the Spanish Queen at the main entrance of the Gallery.

Sina Kreković describing to Queen Sophia many details about works of art of her husband. The painter is also listening carefully. Mrs Sina was outstanding polyglot. Althought born in Paris, and of Jewish origin, she spoke also Croatian perfectly, so that every Croatian visitor of the Gallery believed that she was Croatian.

Shining Kristian, and shining Sina, after many years of painstaking life.

Answering many questions of the Queen...

Kristian and Sina Kreković on the left and right on the photo, accompaning the Queen and a representative of the Spanish Government.

Probably the most famous Kreković's work of art, Exodus. Mr Arturo Lope y Lopez de Rego, president of the society Amigos del Museo Krekovic. Portrait of Mahatma Gandhi in red chalk, made in 1931during Gandhi's visit to Kreković's atelier in Paris, can be seen partly on the far right. I suppose that just on the right of the Exodus is Kreković's portrait of his mother.

A closer look at this fantastic and deeply humanistic work of art. In the Exodus from a burnt down village, all races are represented. On the right a Jew can be seen with his typical cap.

Then follow two familiar persons in Croatian national costumes: Sina and Kristian Kreković!

Another detail from Kreković's Exodus.

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  • Comment #1 (Posted by Moises Menendez)

    Donde se encuentran las obras del pintor Kristian Krekovic? Yo conoci al pintor en Lima, Peru en 1954.
    Quisiera visitar al museo en Mallorca si se encuentran sus pinturas alli.
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