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4th International Antonio Janigro Cello Competition in Zagreb
By Prof.Dr. Darko Zubrinic | Published  02/6/2008 | Culture And Arts | Unrated
Competition for cellists under 35

Antonio Janigro (1918-1989)

Neda Janigro, wife of Antonio Janigro

The International Antonio Janigro Competition for cellists has been initiated in Zagreb in 1996.


1st prize 8000 Euro - David Eggert
2nd prize 4000 Euro - Tian Bonian
3rd prize 2000 Euro - Dmitri Prokofiev
finalist diploma - Gnocchi Giovanni

1. The Zagreb Soloists Award
David Eggert

2. The Zagreb Philharmonic Award
Dmitri Prokofiev

3. The Zagreb Concert Management Award
David Eggert

4. The Dubrovnik Summer Festival Award
David Eggert

5. The Slovenian Philharmonic Orchestra Award
David Eggert

6. The Narodni dom Maribor award
David Eggert

7. The Janigro family Award
Thorsteindottir Saeunn

8. The Accord case Award (Audiance award)
Prokofiev Dmitri

9. The Croatian String Teachers Association Award
Sebastian Diezig


David Eggert cello

David Eggert studied privately, until he was 18, with Tanya Prochazka, pursued further studies with Lawrence Lesser at the New England Conservatory of Music, and is currently a student of Matt Haimovitz at McGill University’s Schulich School of Music. He won first prizes at the Canadian Music Competition, at the National Music Festival playing chamber music, and at the 2006 Eckhardt-Gramatté Competition. He has appeared as featured soloist in the United States, Austria and Israel and recently, as winner of the Eckhardt-Grammaté prize, completed with pianist Walter Delahunt a successful tour of Canada. His performances with orchestra include Brahms’ Double Concerto with violinist Andrew Wan, Bloch’s Schelomo, and Haydn and Schumann cello concertos. He has taken master classes with eminent cellists such as Anner Bylsma, Bernard Greenhouse, Heinrich Schiff, Raphael Wallfisch, Aldo Parisot, Timothy Eddy, Ron Leonard, Shauna Rolston and Desmond Hoebig. Ida Haendel has invited him to perform at the Keshet Eilon Festival in Israel next summer.

Source: Ottawa Chamber Music Society

Dmitri Prokofiev, Russia, 3rd prize, in Vatroslav Lisinski Music Hall in Zagreb, with his new Accord Case


Tian Bonian
Eggert David

Gnocchi Giovanni
Prokofiev Dmitry

Schedule FINALE A
Thursday, 31.01.2008

Tian Bonian
Johannes Brahms: 1.glasovirski trio u H-duru op.8
Eggert David
Ludvig van Beethoven: glasovirski trio u D-duru op.70 br.1-Geister trio
Gnocchi Giovanni
Johannes Brahms: 1.glasovirski trio u H-duru op.8
Prokofiev Dmitry
Dmitrij Šostakovič: 2. glasovirski trio u e-molu op.67

Schedule FINALE B with Zagreb philharmonic orchestra
Saturday, 02.02.2008

Tian Bonian
Edward Elgar: Koncert za violončelo i orkestar u e-molu op.85
Eggert David
Antonin Dvorak: Koncert za violončelo i orkestar u H-molu op.104

Schedule FINALE B with Zagreb philharmonic orchestra
Sunday, 03.02.2008

Gnocchi Giovanni
Antonin Dvorak: Koncert za violončelo i orkestar u H-molu op.104
Dmitry Prokofiev
Sergej Prokofiev: Sinfonia Concertante za violončelo i orkestar u e-molu op.125


Stanese Livia
Thorsteinsdottir Saeunn
Tian Bonian
Urban Kristina
Zhilin Alexey
Bachs Joan
Bergs Kristaps
Cernitori Attilia-Kiyoko
Diezig Sebastian
Eggert David
Gnocchi Giovanni
Hurtaud Sebastien
Kolesov Georgy
Kostov Lachezar
Lejeune Matthieu
Manaev Konstantin
Martin Antonio
Massol Julien
Muradian Tigran
Prokofiev Dmitry

Members of the Jury

Ko Iwasaki, President
Giovanni Sollima
Nikola Ružević
David Grigorian
Hyoung-Won Chang

Source: International Cello Competition Antonio Janigro

Georgiy Lomakov, Ukraine,
winner of the 1st International Antonio Janigro Competition in Zagreb in 1996

Born in 1984 in Odessa, Georgiy began to play cello in 1990 with Prof. Rymachewskaja-Balon at the Piotr Stoljarski Music School. Georgiy is the First Prize Winner of the International Antonio Janigro Competition in Zagreb, Croatia (1996), the All Union Youth Competition in Urgentch, Usbekistan (1992) and in Belorussia (1993).  In 1997 Georgiy moved to Germany to study in Nuernberg with Reiner Faupel, First Cellist of Nuernberg Philharmonic Orchestra. In the following years he won a First Prize at the All-German Youth Competition Jugend musiziert, became a winner of the International Heran Cello Competition in Usti nad Orlici (Czech Republic) and a finalist at Young Concert Artists in Leipzig. From September 2001 to July 2003 he continued to study with Prof. Siegmund von Hausegger at Hochschule fuer Musik Nuernberg-Augsburg, which he graduated with the "Künstlerisches Diplom".


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