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Japan - Croatia events in Tokyo in May 2022
By Nenad N. Bach and Darko Žubrinić | Published  05/19/2022 | Music , Events | Unrated
Five generations of Japanese Ambassadors to Croatia, hosted by the Croatian Ambassador

Music event on 16 May 2022 organized by the Embassy of the Republic of Croatia in Tokyo,
on the occasion of departure of the new Japanese ambassador to Croatia, H.E. Mr. Masato Iso,
and the return of Her E. Ms. Misako Kaji. Yoko Nishii is playing piano.

Sitting: Ms Aya Ide (spouse of H.E. Mr. Keiji Ide), Ms Yoko Nishii, Her E. Ms. Misako Kaji, Mrs. Blaženka Hrastić, Ms Junko Ikeda (daugher of H.E. Mr. Kaname Ikeda).
Standing: H.E. Mr. Keiji Ide, H.E. Mr. Kaname Ikeda, H.E. Mr. Masato Iso (the newest ambassador), H.E. Mr. Dražen Hrastić, H.E. Mr. Keiji Takiguchi.

Five generations of Japanese Ambassadors to Croatia, hosted by the Croatian Ambassador H. E. Mr. Dražen Hrastić and his spouse Mrs. Blaženka Hrastić, gathered together for an evening on 16 May 2022 that brought back nostalgic stories of their time in Croatia. On that occasion, Yoko Nishii had a mini concert.

Yoko Nishii had the honor of performing also at the Spring Afternoon Tea for the spouses of ambassadors of various countries at Croatian Embassy on 19 May 2022, hosted by Croatian ambassador's spouse Mrs. Blaženka Hrastić.

Yoko Nishii, playing on 19 May 2022
Blaženka Hrastić, spouse of H. E. Dražen Hrastić, and Yoko Nishii
Yoko Nishii and H. E. Dražen Hrastić

Sitting: Mrs. Carol Yoshida (spouse of a famous Japanese businessman Mr. Soichiro Yoshida), Mrs. Blaženka Hrastić, Ms. Yoko Nishii.
Standing: Mrs. Margarita Mavromichalis (spouse of Greek ambassador), Elena (spouse of Italian businessman),
Mrs. Gunjan Verma (spouse of Indian ambassador), Mrs. Rena Ismayilzada (spouse of Azerbaijan's ambassador).

| Croatia | Zagorska juha | Soup
prepared by Mrs. Blaženka Hrastić, the wife of H. E. Dražen Hrastić, Croatian ambassador in Tokyo, Japan

The Legacy
Short documentary movie about deep and fruitful cooperation between the City of Tokamachi in Japan and the Republic of Croatia.
The documentary is divided into three chapters: introduction, Tokyo 2020,
and future of cooperation. Created by Sven Bjelan, a Tokamachi City CIR.

Dora Pejačević: Piano Sonata in B Flat Minor, Op. 36 (1915) | Yoko Nishii
175 views Mar 6, 2022 My regular walking route
*** on the 99th anniversary of the death of Dora Pejačević ***
5 march 2022

Nenad Bach with H.E. Dražen Hrastić on 11th June 2019 ...

... with Japanese friends: on the left - Mr. Yoshiki Nagasaka, photographer,
and on the right - Mr. Hayato Iso, author of the Japanese Garden in the city of Rijeka, Croatia:

... and with Mrs. Blaženka Hrastić

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