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Japan 1 (1) - Croatia 1 (3) at the 2022 World Championship in footaball in Qatar
By Nenad N. Bach and Darko ubrini | Published  12/6/2022 | Sports | Unrated
Croatian goalkeeper Dominik Livakovi saved three shoots


⸠🇭🇷 🇯🇵 â¸

The above design by Yoko Nishii, Ise, Japan

Dominik Livakovi celebrating Croatian win in a difficult match with Japanese football players

Croatian football players celebrating. Photo by Jan Mullan, Getty Images.

Croatia defeated Japan 3-1 (1-1) in penalty shootout to book quarter-finals

Both Japan and Croatia squandered a few early opportunities to score. But, just minutes before the half-time whistle, Daizen Maeda opened the scoring for Japan from a well-worked corner kick. Early into the second-half, Ivan Perisic put Croatia level 1-1 through a terrific header. The two teams couldn't be separated in 90 minutes, pushing the match into extra-time for the first time in this edition of the FIFA World Cup.

Even in the extra-time, the two teams couldn't be separated. The Croatian goalkeeper Dominik Livakovi stepped up in the shootout as his side secured a 3-1 (1-1) win in the penalty shootout.

Dominik Livakovi is married to Helena, who is these days with him in Qatar.


Dominik Livakovi with his wife Helena. Photo by T. Kristo, Cropix.

Maya Yoshida postmatch interview


Civilized and educative behaviour of Japanese people. Hats off! Chapeau! Kapa dolje!

Monsiers et mesdames, Dejan Lovren parlant en francais! Incroyable!

Kimono Croatia worn in honour of Croatian ambassador Stambuk's birthday

Tokamachi factor, a paradigm for Japan-Croatia emotional attachement

The winning silk kimono named Croatia has been made in Tokamachi in the memory of the Croatian national football team's presence during the World Cup 2002 in Japan. The Mayor's daughter has worn it for the Croatian ambassador's birthday.

For more details see Kimono Croatia

Photo by the courtesy of Dr. Drago tambuk, ambassador of the Republic of Croatia in Japan.

Drago Stambuk Croatian ambassador in Japan writes about a beautiful friendship

Source Croatia - Japan

Croatia - Japan at the World Championship in France 1998 (when Croatia won the 3rd place);
goals by Davor uker

Beautiful Kimono Croatia, worn by Mrs. Blaenka Hrasti, wife of H. E. Mr. Draen Hrasti, Croatian ambassador in Tokyo.
Croatian Coat of Arms is clearly visible.

Many thanks to Yoko Nishii (Ise, Japan) for sending us these photos, and to Blaenka Hrasti for her kind permission
to show it for the readers of the CROWN.

Republic of Croatia
Kimono: Aoyagi (Niigata)
Sponsor: Memolead Group

The Croatian kimono is dyed with world heritage and sightseeing landscapes such as Dubrovnik Old Town, The Euphrasian Basilica in Porec, Plitvice Lakes National Park, etc. in four sections, done with carefully hand-painted Yuzen, a traditional dyeing method imported in the 8th century.

Iris flowers in various designs decorate the whole garment, along with Croatian check accents. The Ambassador Draen Hrasti gave them much advice on the design for this kimono and together they achieved a great work.

More information about the Kimono Project initiated on the occasion of Olympic Games in Japan to be provided soon for the readers of the CROWN.

How Croatia is called in Croatian language: Hrvatska

An interesting comparison of the sizes of Japan and Croatia, prepared by Yoko Nishii.
Also, Croatia and Japan are placed at very close relative positions in the following sense:
Croatia is placed between 42nd and 47th parallels, indicated by red lines
(i.e., Croatia is placed almost precisely the half way from the Equator to the North Pole),
while Japan is placed between 25th and 45th parallels. Croatia corresponds roughly to 70% percent of
the area of the island of Hokkaido. This Japanese island is also placed roughly between the same parallels as Croatia.

Nenad Bach with H. E. Mr. Draen Hrasti and his wife Blaenka in Tokyo.

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