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CROWN Croatian World Network Newsletter,December 25, 2008
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  12/25/2008 | Editorials | Unrated
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Croatian Heroes: Kata ©oljić legendary Croatian mother died

Kata ©oljić, considered as a hero of Homeland War, lost her four sons who defended Croatia in 1990s during the Battle for Vukovar. She was seeking the remains of her children for twelve years, and the last one was found in 2003. During the Second World War she lost her four brothers. Kata ©oljić died in 2008 in Zagreb, at the age of  87.

Nenad Bach is Baack and Wanted - performance at Fairleigh Dickinson University

  Nenad began the set behind the piano and performed a new ballad: "Everything is Forever." The song was in the mood of most of Nenad's previous rich resume of recordings, but it managed to be both melancholy and optimistic. Perhaps that is possible when one has a long track record of engagement on and off the stage. We hope to see more of Nenad's vault full of talent and vision into the future, and the audience that night certainly was left looking for more.

St Paul visited Croatian island of Mljet on his journey to Rome

An important conference is organized in Dubrovnik where outstanding specialists will prove that St Paul went to Rome across the island of Mljet in Croatia, and not via Malta. This fact is contained in a book by Ignjat Đurđević, 18th century Croatian Baroque writer from the city of Dubrovnik. The prinicpal contributor on the conference is Dr. Miho Demović, on the photo.

Eck Spahich distinguished Croatian-American died

Ekrem Eck Spahich (1945-2008) was distinguished Croatian American in Texas, born in the town of Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina. In 1972, Eck organized the Croatian Philatelitic Society and started the social journal, Trumpeter (Trubljac). He was an active member of  "Bluebonnet" CFU Lodge 1836 in Houston.

Croatian Heroes: Heroes of Vukovar TV serial by Eduard & Dominik Galic, part 10

Part 10 is the last one from the Vukovar Heroes series by Eduard and Dominik Galić, entitled Blago Zadro. It will be available on Friday 07.11.2008 20.10. This episode is about legendary Blago Zadro and his influence on Vukovar's defenders.

Stjepan Hauser obtained cello from legendary Bernard Greenhaus as a gift

Legendary Bernard Greenhaus played on a very special cello made especialy for him by Cornelissen.  And he suddenly decided to give this most beautiful example of Cornelissen to Stjepan Hauser, Croatian cellist, as a gift! The Greenwich Trio, in which Stjepan plays cello, won the 1st prize at the International Music Competition "Carlo Mosso" in Alessandria, Italy.

Hrvoje Saric 1922-2007 inventor of the first 360 degree camera

In 1972 Hrvoje Sarić invented and patented the first professional 360  degree synchro-rotational photo-camera in history. In 1988 he deviced the first electronical construction consisting of nine BETACAM videocameras, catching the range of the full circle. It was used at 1998 and 2000 EXPO exhibitions in Lisbon and Hannover in Portugal and Germany.

Valentina Golubenko and Ivan Saric young Croatian world chess champions

Valentina Golubenko and Ivan ©arić are world youth chess champions for 2008, at the competition organized in Vietnam. With two gold medals and one bronze, Croatia is ranked third at the World Competition, after India and Vietnam, and before China, Russia, USA, Germany etc. Congratulations from the CROWN!

Croatian Heroes: Heroes of Vukovar TV serial by Eduard & Dominik Galic, part 9

Part 9 of the Vukovar Heroes series by Eduard and Dominik Galić, entitled Peyton will be available on Friday 31.10.2008, at 20.10. You'll meet Vlatko Voloder, Miro and Tomislav Josić (on the left) and a few of their friends, who fought against more than 500 enemy soldiers. The result was incredible. They won.

Dalmatian dog is Croatian autochthonous breed

Dalmatian dog is a well known breed from Dalmatia - the coastal part of Croatia. We know about organized breeding of this dog in the Djakovo bishopric already in the 14th century! The name was given in the USA in the 19th century. Recognized as Croatian autochthonous breed in 1994 (FCI-153). Croatian Post has issued a nice series of stamps dedicated to Croatian dogs.

CROWN Croatian World Network Newsletter, October 26, 2008

  On a lighter note, there were never unchallenging times. This time around, information and misinformation is widely available, so it is more than ever up to all of us to make a difference. Read about stories of Croatian talented people, our true pride, true heroes and not just victims, people who contributed with more than their own life and suffering . CROWN  and became the most visible Croatian sites in the world, outside of Croatia.
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