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CROWN Croatian World Network Newsletter, Sept 3rd, 2006
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  09/3/2006 | Editorials | Unrated

photo by Risha

 Dear All

I waited for this moment "all my life." Actually just 7 years, but it is not done and then again nothing is done in life. We are all work in progress. First of all I want to thank Eugenij Lezaja, who helped me create the second reincarnation of CROWN which will remain on . It is amazing to me that even after not publishing for a month and a half, we get 7-8.000 hits a day which is 2000 visits a day. Because of that, Old CROWN will stay there for a while. The new and third reincarnation of CROWN ( ) that came together with the help of Emil Jakovcevic is about to start its own life from today. Officially, it will be launched on Christmas night of 2006. You are all welcome to participate. Now we'll be able to have correspondents all over the world and they will be able to submit material, articles, anything interesting directly to the site. After being approved, it will stay there forever. Forever I said, because, I do hope and believe that this information and sort of oral encyclopedia will be valuable data in a few hundred or thousand years from now. Transfer of data to the new site is not complete. For example the "submitted by" category is not done yet, so we'll try to accomplish that in the near future. Design, logo etc is not done as well, so it will be similar, simple but authentic. In any case, CROWN is read for its content, not look.

We start with a three part story on Rear Admiral James Robert Lunney. Joseph Bogovic wrote an article after we both interviewed Admiral Lunney. One reason for this interview is that we have to recognize our Honorary Croatians, people who support and admire our culture, our history and our present. The relationship between two countries (USA & Croatia) is much better after Peter Tomich's next of kin received the Medal of Honor. This is the first Medal in the history of the United States that was presented outside of the President's Office. The first part is an interview in a written form with the admiral's speech on the USS Enterprise, moored at Split, Croatia on May 18th 2006. The second part is a new development on CROWN as well. We have 5 videos, three of them imbedded through Google. From now on, we will develop regular one or two hour interviews with people that have something to say. If you are interested, since you live on all continents, we can put our hearts and minds together and create an opportunity for those who do not have a microphone, but have plenty to say. Back to Admiral Lunney. You will be able to see short video segments on both US and Croatian television, the presentation of the Medal of Honor directly from the ship, and a two part interview at the admiral's house. The last two videos are not edited. They are in a raw form, but the substance is there. Integrity, humor, sincerity, passion, character and elegance, come easily across. I heard this interview many times, and each time I discover something else. The third part is the event of presentation in photos, plus a few photos form the fact-finding trip years ago. Recently in the Summer issue of 2006 (this is not posted on CROWN yet) at the official Journal of the Navy League of the United States (celebrated 100 years of existence in 2002), we have one page about the spoken event and admiral's quote that I would like to share with you: " recognize a true Naval hero, a Croatian American, who sacrificed his life to save many of his shipmates. In addition I wanted this presentation to further amicable relations between our nation and the Croatian people." What we missed in 1946 is a developed diplomatic network that can recognize our friends. Now, since we are developing our own, it is time to pay attention. People like this should be recognized with our own Croatian honors.

If you are part of the media and you want to ask additional questions or just want to shower him with love and appreciation, email Admiral Lunney at

I heard some sad news about our own Dr. Zivko Anton Strika. It is sad that he died on Thursday, but many memories of joy and accomplishments of his, surface at the same time. He was one of the most beloved people in the New York area. He helped many in a silent and soft spoken way. Vinko Kuzina and Vedran Nazor helped this news to be posted in less than 24 hours.

"Ne damo te pismo nasa" a great spectacle tonight in Split. Klapa goes to Stadium in Split. Big step forward. What old people do for fun, was a test for Google video to be imbedded, but it was so funny, that we kept it. See updates at It is a website worth your attention. Developed in the span of more than 10 years, it is becoming a main source for many scholars. The Library of Congress is one, just to give you a perspective. All thanks to Prof. Dr. Darko Zubrinic. Fine Living Network aired a program about Croatia. If you caught it, let us know. Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra Opening Concerts starts on Sept 12. Croatia will strengthen its armed forces with ten more helicopters. Zoran Orlic: The Frames - Behind the Glass. A new book of photographs by our famous artist Zoran Orlic. Order a book or two as a present. Croatia launched production of biodiesel. Are we gonna catch up all the time or develop our own strategies to even lead? Wind, Solar, Waves, Biodiesel, Hydrogen (Google is developing a new factory that will revolutionize the solar power, coming out in 2007). Next time- more about Tesla Motors, a first electric sport car.  Duje Draganja wins silver. Malta continues a great relationship with Croatia. Plus, much more news that was not posted, from winning the world champion Italy, in Italy, to the Don Wolfs photo exhibition. Xenia Design is coming to New York on Sept 16th. Contact them for interviews. Soon, we'll write about HR Tango. It is always that only 1-2 % of the news that I receive or find, is posted, but this time even less. As soon as we stand on our legs, things will get better. Thank you for all of your support and kind words. And last but not least, web page has been closed by the order of ICTY. Legal implications and procedures, I do not know. What I do know is that we as a community need to be tighter and more effective in supporting and protecting of our own. If you know how to help, help now. It is not just about a single website, it is about our own independence and how much we are willing to give in. Our General Gotovina and many others are in Hague. Ante is waiting till 2008 for his trial to start. First, he should be free till then, regardless of the circumstance of his arrival. Second, what will happen if he is wrongly convicted as we all feel? Will the ICTY be responsible for keeping an innocent man behind the bars? And what are the repercussions of that? My grandfather was a supreme court judge and I do remember him saying that freeing 100 guilty people is far better then accusing one innocent. How much is someone's freedom worth? And where is the responsibility of a prosecutor? Not just in this case, but in any case. I propose that a prosecutor who wrongly accuses a person, serves half of the punishment themselves. In case of death penalty, half is difficult to collect, so I say all. Personally I am against death penalty, but till we as a civilization come to that point, prosecutors should be held accountable. If you are so sure about someone's guilt and you are taking someone's life, put your own life on the line. Period. Their paycheck would quadruple, because of the supply and demand, natural, law. Are we as a civilization so ignorant and corrupted that justice is served just for the privileged? Government and especially courts are here to SERVE a common man. Prosecutors are servants in the governmental hierarchy and not rock stars. A recent documentary film about ICTY prosecutor, proves that. Judgement and a vision should not be blurred by political influences and as we see it, it is obvious that politics are running the courts. They scream about separation of state and church. I do not remember someone screaming about separation of courts and politics. This is a subject for serious authorities with unshakable integrity. Croatians around the world cannot only complain about how bad our government is in Croatia, which is a "privilege" of most people on the planet. They have to step up and do things that will not always break down the systems, but take one that exists and help improve it. Encourage leaders and not just people capable of running and winning an election. To govern and to win an election are two different talents. We want those who have both of them.

Svako dobro,


Read the new Croatian Chronicle ( that came out. Subscribe and support this newspapers that we waited for a long time and now that we have it, spread the word. Check a new website about entrepreneurship in Croatia. Use the best price in the world: 5 cents to call Croatia and 2.8 cents to call Germany. This way you support CROWN. This page is sponsored by NFCA. .

There will be three levels of engagements in placing the articles on the site. Technician, Journalist, Editor and Editor in Chief. As soon as the first constellation starts, I will inform you what next. If you have an interest, please contact us at

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