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CROWN Croatian World Network Newsletter, December 7th, 2006
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  12/7/2006 | Editorials | Unrated

CROWN Croatian World Network


Dear All,
It is December 7th 2006. A lot of interesting news. First of all if you live in New York's metropolitan area please come support Ivana Kunc's concert at Carnegie Hall this Saturday at 2 PM. Repertoire is Bozidar Kunc's songs. Some of them in English and some in Croatian. Support long Kunc family tradition, especially when it is on the world stage. You can reserve your tickets online. A new story from Josip Novakovich, first published here on CROWN. It is about death of his mother. Josip is well respected and well received author, who's talent surpassed all the obstacles. Came to the US when he was 20 and is teaching English. Just that is enough in itself. Read his story and let him know. I am very impressed. Going from the top of the articles, you will find short presentation of Igor Sunara, a famous Croatian cinematographer. Besides that he is an active member of Croatian American community of New York. Read about Dr. Natalija Novak and her numerous awards. I hope to have more on her story, so, we will update with more personal information.See what is  Tomislav Kuzmanovic up to this days. I am sure you heard of him before, but if you didn't, this is an opportunity to peak into his world. He is our Super Lawyer and an activist, patriot on both sides of the ocean. Try to open pdf file (be patient, if your computer is slow) and read the whole story.
Christmas Concert in Astoria, coming on Dec 18th. You do not want to miss this one. Magnificent. As simple as that. I was there last year, witnessing, live sound (Drago Bubalo conductor) from a Juilliard School orchestra, with a choir. LIVE MUSIC. Incredible. I just hope that this can become a standard and tradition. You certainly, raised standards, don Robert. On Dec 16th come and see modern Croatian Ceramics at MC Gallery. This gallery is very friendly to Croatian artists. Denis Licul is one of the force behind it. Read about the trial for Domagoj Margetic. I will write an editorial just on that subject as soon as I get some time. Base for my editorial is that prosecution should be transparent and not political. All the evidence is showing me that Tribunal in Hague is not what it is claiming to be. And on top of all, I once asked the question, but nobody answered and question is: Who pays for the prosecutors mistakes? Is it just "Ooops, I am sorry", or what? If you keep an innocent man in prison for 9 years, what is your responsibility and what is the punishment for you, to keep an innocent person in jail? So far the law is far from justice as the planet from free-C02-pollution. We have lawyers on CROWN. What do you say? I know that lawyers will not change this, but certainly, people should. And who is going to evaluate Carla DelPonte? Obviously partnership for peace (pre-NATO chamber) is not "listening" to Hague, or is it? When will we demand the truth from our representatives. I didn't hear one president in the world so far to tell the truth about , pretty much any subject. And we let them get away with it. They will not start on their own with centuries of conformity in between, we have to demand.

Read about Passion Heritage in Croatia. It is in Croatian, but links are in English and French. This is just a taste of Darko
Zubrinic's webpage Croatian World Congress Invites You to Participate at the UN COMMISSION ON STATUS OF
WOMEN. Take the opportunity that CWC created for you. World famous Russian TSAR'S ballet is coming to Osijek, Croatia. The dead-sexy Tesla delivers on its promise. 100% Electric car. No more excuses. Now that technology is proven to be amazingly "sexy", why don't we have sort of Apollo program, to jump start the pollution almost-free transportation. This is not on CROWN, but An Inconvenient Truth is out on DVDs. See it for yourself. Global Warming is not just a phrase. Darko Zubrinic created a page Can We Go Higher? about my work and I thank him for that. Waiting for me to do it was hopeless. Read Prof. Dr. Ante Simonic's regular wisdom on CROWN, about pollution, this time. And how to act in time of crises. Beyond the Call opened in Chicago and San Francisco. I hope that the theaters were full. Bryan Adams had a successful concert in Osijek. We had our Goran Nikolasevic, a CROWN reporter there in the middle of it. Croatia is among winners for Fulbright Science and Technology Awards. The Guardian announced ten best places to stay in Croatia. Two on the list have been promoted on CROWN. Lovranske Vile and Boskinac. Congratulations. Boskinac also won a "Best Small Hotel" title in Croatia for 2006.
Seven prominent scientist are coming back to Croatia as part of the plan. Do you know that Kiwi grows in Slavonia? Infor on Adolph Lomb Medal in 2005 for Marin Soljacic. Marin Soljačić is one of the top innovators under the age of 35. Read about his innovation on wireless transfer of electricity. The whole world wrote about it. With funny titles like "Ma' no hands". We hope that Marin is going to develop this potentially revolutionizing system. All indications are that he will. Read about it. He is modest and talented. Comes from great family as well. See what Jelena Vukotic, did it again. To publish in The New Yorker is an accomplishment worth your attention. See her webpage and talent that she possesses. Goes way beyond esthetics. Read new Croatian Chronicle. Support this newspaper that is solid and informational and fun to read. Read about Americas Oldest Croatian Church that Could Be Sold To Italians, . Read Darko's: Albert Einstein's protest against the murder of Milan Sufflay in Zagreb in 1931. History should be taught, not to repeat it. Yes I am in love with Tesla Motors - Electric Car. I think that all new cars should be 100% electric by 2020. Read about Plitvice, our National Park, UNESCO protected. Ed Bradley a famous journalist from CBS that interview me in 1991-1992, died. I was grateful for that ever since. Style that one can only wish for. Croatian heavyweight boxer, 22-year-old "Super Mario" Preskar, blitzed his way to 11th win this November 4, 2006 in Phoenix, Arizona.   It is with particular pleasure that we would like to announce the launching of the National Fellowships "For Women in Science" organized by L'Oreal Adria and the Croatian Commission for UNESCO, Ministry of Culture, with the purpose of awarding young women scientists from the Republic of Croatia. Helen Merrill: 60 Years of Warm Sweet Songs. Did you know about this Jazz legend with Croatian roots.Get her new album at:  and read her interview. Thanks to Marko Puljic. A quick letter from Davor Pavuna, presently in Delhi India. How much is cup of tea in Delhi?  Brain cells? Brain cells come and brain cells go, but fat cells live forever. Little humor for desert. Stay alert, enjoy the holiday season. Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, Kwanzaa and all there is. Be kind.
Nenad Bach

New York, December 7th 2006.

Last moment update:

From NFCA to Admiral Lunney:

Dear Admiral Lunney,
Our thoughts today are with Peter Tomich and all of the others who were lost.  On behalf of the National Federation of Croatian Americans (NFCA), thanks once more for all your efforts!
                                                                                                      Ed Andrus/ NFCA


Never doubt that a small, group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.

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