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CROWN Croatian World Network Newsletter, March 14th, 2007
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  03/14/2007 | Editorials | Unrated


C R O A T I A . O R G

CROWN Croatian World Network

                                                                                                                                                                                          photo by Risha

Dear All,

More and more articles in between my editorials. One reason is time and the other reason is that I do not want to do it in a superficial way. One subject that I want to talk about is genocide, and that is no trivial matter. No matter how short my observation is. I am presently under a deadline of producing two new SACDs of Klapa Luka and Klapa Navalia and learned yesterday that two (not one but two) factories closed in the USA. And now the whole production needs to be moved to Europe. I think that this is my last attempt to produce high quality CDs. Unless there is a substantial support. It is not only money, but people of quality (7 languages booklet with 3 different mixes as a hybrid CD, called Super Audio CD). Everything is said and than so much untold - Mario Novak and Damir Konestra, a renowned photographer and writer, teamed up to produce a new book about Croatia. Mirko Filipovic is on the road to the world throne. Don't mess with Croatians. This is a brutal sport, but clean. No politics and backstabbing. Hit you see is hit you get...or give. Cro Cop is becoming a big star in the USA. Check the conditions for International law firm that seeks Partner for their Zagreb office. Read about George "Catfish" Metkovich - Outfielder and First Baseman. Croatians participated in the baseball history. Poet Dubravka Oraić Tolić and Croatian Literature Won Top Translation Prize. Vjera Odak-Jembrih Receives Teaching Merit Award from CIA. Not the one you are thinking about. It is Confédération Internationale des Accordéonistes. When John Basor isn't teaching citizenship classes, he's teaching English and Spanish at Watsonville High School. He knows what it's like to be an immigrant because he first arrived in Watsonville from Croatia in 1963 with his mother and his father and his three sisters when he was 14. Another interesting fact. He is Luci Hazdovac's brother. Another Croatian Life Story. Katarina Livljanić & Dialogos not just performed in New York, but delivered a huge impression. Read a review in The New York Times: Ms. Livljanic has assembled a work so magnificent and moving. Support her whichever way you can. Tesla Motors Selects Site For Electric Sedan Factory. This is the future of cars. Can we do something about it in Croatia? Tesla land? Cars that do not pollute and spend much less then regular car. Check Steron and free energy technology that will be made widely available. Robert Uvanovic is writing about Global PACT Training in Zagreb June 24th - July 21st. Chek for yourself. Croatia and India signed a declaration on strengthening bilateral scientific and technological co-operation. Interesting. See Croatian Gallery 2006 assembled by prof. dr. Darko Zubrinic. His webpage is flying for the benefit of all of us. Soon, we are expecting Joza Vrljicak to step up with his site  Dog's life Brightens up with new Center in Croatia. Pets are getting more attention as life is changing. Check the possibility of Austrian Grants for Croatian PhDs under 35 years - 1000 Euros a month. 16th time in a row Saint Blaise (Sv. Vlaho) was celebrated in Los Angeles. See the photos. Croatia's Quality of Life Ranks 18th in the World. That was a positive surprise. Croatia has something to offer. On March 4th 2007 : 30th Anniversary of Rudar Soccer Club from New York was celebrated. Visnjan in Istria was a center for "Emergency Medicine" for few days. Genes of stone and the sea in his veins - Darko Ivančić's story. A successful Croatian Life Story. Be ready for Second Congress of Croatian Scientists from the Homeland and Abroad, May 7-10, 2007. Al Gore's - Neugodna Istina - An Inconvenient truth - Premiered in Zagreb on February 15th. 2007. Croatia signs Kyoto protocol. I am glad to hear that, but can anybody tell me why not before? Maybe there is a legitimate reason, but I would like to know which one. The Croatians in Argentina opened on February 20, 2007. Book and exhibition by Mrs. Carmen Verlichak, writer of Croatian descent. Karlovic upsets Blake in San Jose. Ivo is always here to surprise us, reaching the finals. Just in: Ljubicic is doing very well at Indian Wells. Just got through to quarter finals, beating Nalbandian 2:6, 6:4, 6:2. A hundred Roman Catholic priests from all over Europe swapped their cassocks for football strips in Sarajevo. Croatia played finals with Poland. "Sometimes when my son plays Elgar cello concerto, I am moved, too, and perhaps more by the realization how much time and money in the subtle sliding and dipping sounds have vanished. The cello is indeed the sad instrument." Josip Novakovich said in his essay On Raising a Prodigy. Soon more about his success of his latest book, translated into six world languages. Pay attention to this: Top US Universities did begin to post FREE courses on the web, open to all. So, if you want course from Harvard, you can log on. Use this modern tools to educate yourself. Goodbye Champion is the five-piece incarnation with a Croatian roots. Read about Steve Vidaic and his music. Recently I've seen him at the Hard Rock Cafe on Times Square here in New York, playing with Citizen Cope. Steve is a talented musician. Pay attention to him. A witty design by Ivo Bach of Croatian Rubik's Cube as we ARE almost there. Number of articles about tourism and Croatia. A View With a Room is one. It's not enough to be an expert, to be an intellectual. Read prof.dr. Ante Simonic in Croatian. Read his conclusion of 12 essays as well. This is material worth reading slowly. Pay attention when a wise man speaks. Croatian films had a very good presentation in the last two years with the series of screenings organized by Doors-Art. Good, bad or indifferent, these movies carry Croatian adjective before them. And so far, we didn't have that. How the UN violated human rights in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and why nothing has been done to correct it. A series of reports compiled for CROWN by Brian Gallagher. Countries, and people, shouldn't be allowed to get away with genocide. Talking about Human Rights and Genocide's most wanted. Recently World Court in Netherlands decided that Serbia is not guilty of genocide. That genocide was committed by Serbs in Srebrenica, but they are only responsible, by not stopping it. Let me just repeat this. The people who committed crime are only responsible for not stopping themselves??? And this is coming from Netherlands, the country responsible for that same genocide. How responsible? Almost 100%. By being in the UN uniforms and proclaiming "Safe Heaven" for inhabitants of Srebrenica. Not just that the whole country of Netherlands should be banned for the next 100 years in hosting the World Court, but actually they should take responsibility for such a hideous crime. And then what to expect from people who are guilty, to proclaim their executioners "not responsible". Is there anybody with integrity and microphone to speak about this. This is the same Europe that held our hands in the back, while genocide was happening in Croatia. For God's sake someone should speak clearly and coherently in European parliament about all of these subjects. On the subject of WAR REPARATIONS, I think that we should proclaim how much does Serbia owe us. Let's say $300 billion and that's it. They have to pay, sooner or later. $200 billion for lives and support for future families and $100 billion for material damages. If the court is corrupted and evidently it is, what can we expect from them?
Moving on. Little humor: Other friends: Will come over for cake and coffee and expect cake and coffee, no more. Croatian Friends: Will come over for cake and coffee and expect an antipasto, a few bottles of wine, a pasta dish, a choice of two meats, salad, bread, potatoes, a nice dessert cake, fruit, coffee and a few after dinner drinks ...time permitting there will be a late lunch as well. Croatian and Japanese fishermen collect tuna fish in the waters near the Adriatic coastal town of Zadar, Croatia. Japan is the world's biggest tuna consumer, eating one quarter of the global catch and fueling a growing global industry, including Croatia. Praxis conference to be held in Dubrovnik in June. Transforming Culture from Empire to Earth community. Check it out. Poland's property developer will invest ¬42 million in Zagreb. Don't we have enough of Croatian business developers all over the world? Croatian Soccer Heads into Cyberspace with new websites. This present team gives promise. Bilich is so far excellent. Croatian tennis players Goran Ivanisevic and Ivan Ljubicic played each other in an invitational match in Sarajevo dedicated to children of the city. Class act. Did you ever hear about Marija Grgurevic? A Croatian model on the cover of Time Magazin ? Well only two Croatians could say that their face was on the cover of Time. Actually only one. Prove me wrong. Joseph Haydn - Austrian and Croatian composer  Another study by prof.dr. Darko Zubrinic. Evidence is overwhelming. Seton Hall University Libraries: the acquisition, access and preservation of digital information. Coming tomorrow. If you are a writer, this is a great opportunity: Looking for authors to write an English-language books about the Culture and Customs of Croatia, Slovenia and Bosnia-Herzegovina. Contact Suzanne Lord. Another opportunity to earn some money: Croatian Language Tutor Needed: Lynchburg, VA. Coming up in a few days in Detroit: Croatian Cultural & Tourism Day, Sunday March 18, 2007. Established Sylvan Winds have a World Premiere at TENRI on March 29, 2007 in New York City. GRB - the embodiment of the psyche of a whole nation and a potent ancestral record. Read what Marinko Tomasich have to say. We opened a new category Grb Watch, so if you see anything in checkers, take a photo and send it to us at Red & white were symbols of life & death.  It was believed that the sahovnica was sourced from such traditions & that this made it a powerful symbol, not merely because of the red & white, but the way it was patterned reflecting life-death-life-death... and symbolising the movement from one generation to the next & the passing down of traditions. Read NFCA Press Release: The NATO Freedom Consolidation Act of 2007. What will NATO bring to us? Read the Keynote Address for Croatian Academy of America Annual Meeting, February 24, 2007. Marta Mestrovic Deyrup: Digital Scholarship, Access for a Connected World. She mentions CROWN as an example. Digital Libraries are the future and the present. How quickly are we ready to participate in the "zero and one" revolution? Major question is here: preservation. How to preserve all the information? Read new book by Mijo Juric: Osamnaesto proljece. Well written. He is looking for partners to translate it into English. Brain Week in Rijeka. Soon, I will write about a new Croatian website in English. Did you know that there will be direct flights from Tokyo to Zagreb? And what is happening with direct flights from New York and Chicago? Slavonski Poduzetnik started and we'll have a full review in the next couple of days. On a personal note, I have been sick with high temperature recently. When I have temperatures... they are high. And this 72 hours of hallucinating dreams ended up with the most incredible clarity. Clarity that you can only desire to have more. And a celebratory news at the end. Random Lunacy a film by Victor Zimet and Stephanie Silber won The Best Documentary at the Westchester Film Festival. My music is in it and I am happy to be part of it. We learned that night that Armand Assante is doing charity work in Croatia and B-H. as a recipient of Lifetime Achievement Award.  
Slow down Croatians, you move too fast. I am sure I forgot many things, so ...till next time.
Svako dobro,

New York, March 14th 2007.

Never doubt that a small, group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.

                            Segment of the proposed flag in 1990, by Boris Ljubicic

Formated for CROWN by Nenad Bach
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