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Tatiana Tajci Cameron Croatian singer in the USA
By Nenad N. Bach and Darko Žubrinić | Published  11/25/2022 | Music | Unrated
She is a Board Member of Nashville Peacemakers, a Better Decisions volunteer mentor, etc.

Tatiana Tajci Cameron, in the city of Bjelovar, Christmas 2011, Croatia

About Tajci
Music artist, speaker and coach

My name is Tatiana, but I've always been called Tajci (TAI-chi). Yes, my name sounds like Tai-chi - the martial arts.

I've been a music artist since I was 4 years old. From a very early age, I saw (and experienced) music as a transformational tool, and one that has the power to connect people, heal and bring joy and peace.

All of my life I have been motivated by the same intention: to tell stories through music and move people's hearts. Creating music, writing stories and producing uplifting and inspiring experiential events has always been my happy place.

Through being a creative entrepreneur and a mom of three sons, I learned how to adapt, pivot, transform and recreate my business model to weather many life's crises and remain successful.

I live in Franklin, TN with my three sons, tour with my music shows and speaking programs (when the world is not paused by a pandemic), write inspirational books (usually with companion albums), facilitate retreats, teach meditation classes, and use my life coaching certifications to help other creatives heal deeper, love more and uplift others.



1. V jutro dišeće gda bregi su spaliA mesec jos zajti ni štelPotiho sem otprl rasklimanu lesuI pinklec na pleča sem del.
Stara je mati išla za menomNemo vu zemlu gledeć.
Ni mogla znati kaj zbirem vu dušiI zakaj od včera nis rekel ni rec.Preveč smo toga povedat si šteliA se smo pozabili već.

2. Gda smo vre presli kraj najzadnje hižeVu suzah najemput sem bil.Kaj ne bi to vidla stara mi matiZ rukami lice sem skril.
Sud oko mene su dišale rožeI bil je rascveteni maj.
A ja nis ni jemput pogledal za sobomOd tuge nis mogel pozdraviti kraj.Samo sem bregima dragim obećalDa vrnul se bum nazaj.


1. On that fragrant morning
The hills were still sleeping
The moon was still above the horizon
I quietly opened our rickety gate
And threw all I had on my back
My old mother was walking behind me,
Silently watching the ground
She couldn't know what I was feeling in my soul
And why I did not speak a word since last night,
There was just too much that we needed to say,
But we simply forgot everything.

(OR: Scented morning, whilst the hills still slept
and the Moon was reluctant to set
I silently opened the rickety gate
and put on my backpack
My old mother strode behind me,
silently looking down
She couldn't comprehend
what I was pondering in my soul
And why I didn't utter a word since yesterday
We had too much to say to each other,
but had forgotten everything. )

2. When we passed the last house,
I was suddenly in tears.
so that my old mother wouldn't see it,
I hid my face with my hands
Everywhere around me, the scent of roses,
the May blossom
And I didn't once look behind,
too sorrowful to say goodbye to my home.
I only made a pledge to the hills,
that I will come back.

(OR: As we passed by the last house
suddenly tears filled my eyes.
Since I didn't want my mother to notice
I covered my face with my hands.
Around me the  roses were breathing
It was the springtime in May
Not even once was I able to look behind me,
My sadness had stopped me
from saying Goodbye to my land (or: region, homeland, hometown...)
But the one thing I did was,
I promised the hills that someday
I will return. )

English translations from Croatian (kajkavian) original verses are taken from commentaries acompanying the above video. This song is extremely popular even today.

Music written by Croatian singer Zvonko Špišić.
Croatian (kajkavian) verses were written by Ana Bešenić (1952-2012), when she was at the age of 15.

Tatiana Tajči Cameron: Keep Your Head Up

Professional achievements of Tajči

Tajči became a pop superstar in Croatia at the age of 19, achieved platinum record sales, had a doll made in her likeness, and was endorsed by Levy's. As a finalist at Eurovision Song Contest, Tajči's megahit song "Hajde da ludujemo" is still one of the top favorite songs of all time.

A graduate of American Musical and Dramatic Academy in New York City, Tajci performed in many venues off Broadway, on NYC cabaret stages, and was an opening act of a show "Call for Bread" at the Madison Square Garden. She produced shows in NYC and Los Angeles, as well as toured with her own one-woman play nationwide. Her first USA album was produced by Camille Barbone, and featured such musicians as Nona Hendrix, Dave Stewart, Jon Gordon, Charlie Giordano, and songwriter Julie Gold.

During her ten year residence in Cincinnati, OH, Tajci toured extensively with her music, released seven albums, wrote and produced full length musical "My Perfectly Beautiful Life," co-founded a children's theatre and performed a show with Steinway artist Dr. Stanley Yerlow.

After moving to Nashville, TN, Tajci produced three seasons of the TV show Waking Up in America, published five multimedia books, got certified as a life coach through Radiant Coaching Institute, and attending Coaching Certification through Chopra Center. Tajci is also a Certified Chopra Instructor of Perfect Health, and Meditation classes, and ICF member (awaiting A.C.C. accreditation). In 2019, Tajci launched a new touring show with Live on Stage agency.

Tajči's recent biographical book "(un)Broken" combines poetry and song to augment memories from her diary that chronicle her intimate accounts of how music and the creative process can promote the healing of emotional pain.

Tajči is co-songwriter of Olivia Newton-John's latest hit single "Window in the Wall".

She is a Board Member of Nashville Peacemakers, a Better Decisions volunteer mentor at TN State Prison for Women, and a volunteer presenter for EndSlaveryTN.


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