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Maksim Mrvica and the worldwide echo of Croatian Rhapsody composed by Tonci Huljic
By Nenad N. Bach and Darko Žubrinić | Published  03/23/2017 | Music | Unrated
Maksim was born in the city of Šibenik on the Adriatic coast

Maksim and his Band playing Croatian Rhapsody at Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall in Zagreb 2016


One of the greatest hits of Maksim Mrvica is Croatian Rhapsody, composed by Tonči Huljić. It is very popular among numerous musicians throughout the world, especially in Asia, playing not only piano, but some old exotic instruments. We also include a few of his interesting interviews.

Maksim Mrvica, biography

Maksim Mrvica is a popular pianist from Croatia. Mrvica was born in Šibenik, a town on the Adriatic coast in Croatia. He started taking up piano lessons at the age of nine from Marija Sekso and gave his first public performance in the same year.

Just three years later he gave his first concert performance of Haydn’s Piano Concerto in C major. When war broke out in 1990, both Mrvica and his professor were determined that this would not disrupt his music studies. In spite of the war and surrounding turbulence, Mrvica entered in, and won, his first major competition in Zagreb in 1993.

Mrvica went on to study at the Music Academy in Zagreb where he spent five years under Professor Vladimir Krpan, who himself was a pupil of Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli. He then spent a year at the Franz Liszt Conservatoire in Budapest and during this year he won first prize at the Nicolai Rubinstein International Piano Competition. In 2000, he moved to Paris to study with Igor Lazko and gained first prize in the Pontoise Piano Competition in 2001.

When he returned to Croatia he found himself to be the focus of intense media interest and he made frequent television appearances as well as giving a great number of interviews. He soon found himself recording his first CD, Gestures, an album of contemporary Croatian piano pieces. Gestures became one of the fastest-selling classical recordings to be released in Croatia, and Mrvica was even invited to officiate the Porin award ceremony, an honour not usually granted to a classical artist.

Even though he experimented a lot, all of Maksim's albums have been generally well accepted. As already stated, Gestures gained popularity immediately and his next album The Piano Player received great reviews and continued the tradition. The follow-up album, Variations Part I&II , hadn't gone unrecognised either and again Maksim gained popularity all over the world. Very soon, he released album A New World followed by album "Electrik" in which Maksim has experimented a lot and given electronica beats and sounds to some of the most famous classical works. The album was, once again, well accepted and followed by his latest album "Pure II", totally opposite to his previous album, discarding the electronica beats and leaving pure piano only.


Croatian Rhapsody in Bandung, capital of West Java province in Indonesia


Очаровательное произведение Хорватская рапсодия композитора и музыканта Тончи Хульич. Сказочная! Фантастика! Божественная = слушаешь и сердце замирает. Прекрасное исполнение уникальным пианистом Максимом Мрвица с потрясающей игрой, филигранной техникой, с эмоциональной манерой исполнения, очень впечатляет. После такой музыки хочется творить. Спасибо создателю и великолепному исполнителю Максиму за возможность слушать и наслаждаться этой прекрасной и чудесной мелодией. Ваша филигранная игра поражает и восхищает. Не могу не восхищаться очаровательными феями игрой на скрипке, которую обожаю. Ваши выступления = праздник яркий музыки и незабываемого зрелища.

Нонна Мак

Charming work Croatian Rhapsody composer and musician Tonci Huljic. Fabulous! Fantastic! Divine = listen and my heart stops. Brilliant performance great technique is very emotional performance and very impressive. Listening to this music I want to create. Thank you the creator and great artist Maxim for the opportunity to listen to and enjoy this beautiful and pure melody. Your filigree game amazes and delights. Wonderful Orchestra with excellent musicians. I can not admire the charming fairies playing the violin, which I adore. Your performances = bright celebration of music and an unforgettable spectacle.

Nonna Mak

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